I just counted 9 topics on the 1st page about refs. This is getting ridiculous.

Quit being a bunch of babies and s.u.c.k. it up. Every team has been screwed at one time or another.

I know u people are all experts and don't ever make mistakes but others do so deal with it.

If you read the nine posts you will see that they are discussions and not complaints!

Some people dontagree with the refs.....some do!

i believe it has been dealt with...and quite detailed as well... :lol:

I think it's because the call was blown on a replay. They had time to review it and it was still called wrong. That's why people are overly upset.

Either way, Hamilton had to chance so that doesnt matter, and Calgary didn't show up until the last 2 minutes.

I believe schnoor11 has the right idea here:

Here is his post:

I am confused about something. And maybe you can help me out here.

I thought that any challenge (wheter initiated by the coach or by the officials) had to conclusively overturn the ruling on the field, or the play would stand as called. The ruling on the field was a completed pass. The officials would have had to find 'conclusive evidence' that this was an incomplete pass. Instead, after reviewing the replays, he comes back and states that there is no evidence of a completed pass? There was no need to find evidence of a completed pass. That was the original call!! It is not the ref's job to find conclusive evidence to support the call, it is to find conclusive evidence to overturn it.

Please let me know if I am incorrect, because I am confused.

…no, the call wasn’t a complete pass on the feild, it was ruled an incomplete pass and that’s why the call stood after the short review…see my lengthy explanation in our forum red…

…oh, and LBacker, we’ll try to make sure only threads that you approve of are only created from here on in…

…darn sarcasm button won’t work…

Admittedly I'm taking the lazy way out and not looking at R&W's explanation in the Stamps forum, but I thought at least one ref called it a complete pass ... I don't see how at full speed, you could instantly call that an incomplete pass, when receptions like that happen all the time (and they usually get it right).

I've gotta agree with Lionbacker. Whether they are discussions or complaints, all could have been discussed in one thread about reffing.

Personnaly, I am tired of discussions about the reffing so I don't even open these threads. But they pollute the forum because they use the whole first page. It's everywhere.

A huge merge should be on the way.

R&W - You don't need my approval but do you really need 9 topics to talk about reffing. How many times can you people say the same thing on every thread?

I'm almost starting to think people are too lazy to read the 200 pages (sarcasm) on one topic so they start a new one.

The sarcasm button was not the only thing that didn’t work on your post R&W. Your inference that you don’t approve of Lionbacker’s post comes through loud and clear. Little contradictory, don’t you think?

In any event, count me in with Lionbacker and Third on this one. The constant complaining about the officiating is getting tiresome. It’s an imperfect game but for the most part, the officials do a pretty good job.

...you're right, I didn't like LBacker's initial post, don't know how that's contradictory....isn't starting a thread complaining about too many threads ironic?...

Of the 9 threads about officiating, 4 of those were a 'you make the call' type of deal. People have complaints about the officiating, and rightfully so, because the mistakes that are being made, are resulting in deciding outcomes of games in some cases. I realize that the officials have a tough job, but its time we make officials in the CFL(or any professional sport) accountable for their mistakes. It just cant be done behind closed doors anymore, fans need to be shown that officials are being evualated based on what they do on the field, on the ice or on the court. If the officials start doing a better job , then the number of threads on this forum will go down. Yes calls will still be debated and discussed, but that our perogative as fans.

Yes, that would be ironic if that’s what actually happened but we both know it didn’t. Lionbacker complained about too many concurrent threads on the same old tired topic that has been beaten to death on this site ad nauseam. There are others here that share his point of view as well.
Your response was pretty disappointing. You know exactly where the contradiction lies in your posted comments; why are you playing dumb when clearly you are not?

...hey, sorry to have disappointed you...didn't know I was on trial here...

Agree with lionbacker too . Call it what you will , but some of the same posters behind all these threads about the "blown call" have a history of come down on other posters for doing exactly what they've been doing here. I call that hypocrisy .

Keep in mind, though, that many of those threads discussing the calls (where video and/or photo was used) were made on behalf of others who requested them.....ro1313 only posts them because he PVRs the games.

Some of those who have posted about poor officiating actually defended referees. By your comments above, I fully expect most Lions fans NOT to post about poor officiating if the Lions have a call go against them, and they lose a game, from this point on to the end of the regular season and playoffs. You have put yourselves on an island, beware of the sharks should you decide to swim back the mainland.

clips and stills were posted for discussion purposes. That is what a forum is all about, is it not?

sambo - so when the Lions lose on a poor call, I'll start up 10 topics on it and I'll harp about the same thing over and over on all topics. I pretty much noticed it's all the same posters saying the same thing over and over.

I'm not so much concerned about the topic of poor officiating but the # of topics required to do it. Oh, which topic should I enter to say what I want? Oh what the hell, i'll post the same thing on all of them.

Posters do have the option of not reading them ya know..
However exercising that option would seriously cut back on whining time