Ridiculous rogers video - CFL vs. nfl

Here is a video I found on youtube, don't know if it has been posted before on here....

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQSPsDdeRW4&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQSPsDde ... re=related[/url]

All I can say is rogers better get cooking another crow!

I agree, Rediculous!

Doc: How about we turn the tables on Rogers and make a video comparing Rogers to a similar company in the US?
My guess, based on my own experience dealing with Rogers, is that the US company would win hands down. :lol:

What has this got to do with Rogers?

It was posted by a poster named allthingrogers!!!

You actually thought that this was created by Rogers to bash the CFL? come on guys wake up!!
it’s an attempt at humour and it kind of bashes the NFL too.

The guy has another one about hockey too.

jaybird: :oops: Shoulda paid more attention.
But my extreme dissatisfaction with Rogers over their NFL promotion and cell phone service does not change. :wink:

You should be careful titling a post "Ridiculous Rogers Video" you make it sound like Rogers cable was behind this.
And then you have posters jumping all over rogers. Possible legal action etc
I would change the Subject line to "ridiculous video"

LOL, sorry for the laugh out loud but no matter who posted the vid, be it Rogers or just some dude named Roger, fearing legal action for calling it ridiculous on a public message board is...well....laughable out loudable.

Click on the users name that posted it and have a glance at the 'channel comments', considerably worse than ridiculus,
Rogers, or Roger might have a hard time taking action against the nic Love4SK, and yes, Rogers does suck.

are you serious...
and they might not have made the video but they put an ad on the end of it so thats bad enough.

You are the only one who said rogers cable company. I can see how you made the connection though with the Rogers advertisement of their sports packages at the end though.

If you could show me how I was wrong in putting rogers in the name I will remove the rogers from the thread title.

Rogers cable was 100% behind this. They released this series of videos when the bills in toronto series began hoping to sell more tickets or alteast get more people interested in the nfl so they would order nfl sunday ticket. It truly is pathetic if you ask me, rogers cable is pathetic, and if they want to sue me go right ahead.

Right on Chris, Ted Rodgers and his side kick from Buffalo are both greedy busniess men that really don't care two Sh$ts about the Bills or the CFL, all they care about is money.

Aw crap, their lawyers are probably building a case right now against Chris101, Dr. Mopar and Canucklehead. :smiley:

Why the backlash against Rogers? They want to bring the NFL to Toronto where there is a huge market for it. They are doing what Torontonians want. There are more Bills season ticket holders in Toronto than Argo season ticket holders, they are willing to drive 80 miles one way to Ralph Wilson stadium. Take your frustrations out on Torontonians not Rogers.
Ask why the biggest city in Canada has terrible CFL attendance. Last Argo game...........12,000 announced crowd. There are just more NFL fans in Toronto period. Let's quit pretending that everything is fine in Toronto.
Obviously people want the NFL in Toronto, just look at the tickets sold at Rogers centre, over 50,000 fans when the Bills play there
How long can the CFL survive in Toronto? Would the Argos survive somewhere else in the region? maybe Missausaga/Oakville area?