Ridiculous Refs

You guys just love to complain don't you!

Why is it you never complain about the calls that go your way? There are just as many missed calls in the Ti-cats favor as were against but some how you never seem to see those! Why is that!

There was no call against Vaughn for pass interference but no complaints there! Ham committed a few holdings but hey they don't count!

As for the challenge in the Wpg Mtl game!
Learn the rules before you complain!
The play started before the 3 minutes warning so it was changeable.
You can not challenge a play that starts after the 3 minute warning!

Now this business of deliberate calls against any team......That is what I call ridiculous!!!


I have no problem with what you have said... but when the number of times that TSN and CBC (yeah, the pro-Toronto CBC) announcers say that the call should have gone Hamilton's way, and didn't....
Well, let's say it gets a little annoying.

Sure but do you think it only happens to Ham fans?
It happens in every game to all teams. Its just that some(not only Ham) fans refuse to see the other side!

Hey ro1313 nice that your on our site, but understand we talk about things that are about our ticats. So if we talk about the refs in our fourms thats our right, i know that where are many bad calls in other games, but as ticats fans we are watching the cats play not montreal, toronto, or whoever until we play them. Maybe the refs have it in for montreal or other teams i don't know were only saying that it's a couple of refs that seem to have hate for Hamilton.

Re. the CFL officiating in genral and last Friday's Hamilton/Winnipeg in particular.

Bud Steen and his merry men did a horrible job. They let the clock run out in the 2nd. quarter, no replay challenge (a joke) then the questionable holding call. If you think back this is the same crew that officiated the last Hamilton/Toronto game in 2005. They did such a bad job the Woodard lost his cool and got ejected from the game.
Two games in two different seasons and both times Mr. Steen and company give the TiCats the worst officiating possible.
It is about time that the CFL gave the TiCats a break not only with the bias calls but also the schedule.
The TiCats dont have a bi-week until week 17 of a trwenty week schedule. Ridiculous.
The NFL officials are no better if not worse.

Seems to me its everyones site!

All im saying is you see what you want to see!

Reffing is one of the toughest jobs in Christendom, and I believe Bob nailed it when he said that the game was decided by the players rather than the officials....

Okay, I too, can "do my head" and come up with my own case for how the game got decided by the zebras on occaision, but such was not the case on Friday, where the Cats went out for pride and simply beat the Bombers in every aspect.

Officials, keeping up with the plays, and intuiting " which action was over the line, and changed the course of the play" - as opposed incidental rule breaking-is the toughest stuff you can come up against in sport.

We can complain to the death about commentators on CBC or TSN and their prejudice, but I'll give full credit to CFL Officials...they know when they've made a bad call, and typically give one back shortly afterwards.

You can't really ask for much more than that...


first off, not the 16th century.

secondly.... while there are refs in Europe (even football ones) we are not.

sorry, had to call you on that one lifter...

But the rest of your post i agree with for the most part.

The refs do an okay job for what they are. A: human B: part time employees.

Although I think (after re-reading Vuarra's post) that you may have mis interpretted what he was complaining about.

That is to say, that he gets that the Toronto stations aren't always all that "Ticat friendly" so to speak... and even THEY can see that something should be in Hamilton's favour and some refs still wont call it as such.

Just tryin to help out is all.


Hi Espo

The weight of the Western and Christian World as we know it hardly hangs on the shoulders of the CFL referees, but glad you caught the 16th Century reference!

Glad to see that there are a few of us that read more than MAD magazine or the Toronto Sun...

You would have to post that on the day that the wannabe history major/living encyclopedia decided to turn on his computer.... lol.

I know i always feel better when SOMEONE recognizes one of my obscure references, figured i'd bite on yours as well.

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I quoted the CFL replay rule in the thread "In bounds or not" linked above. Without the audio, BY RULE the replay could not continue.

Yes, Bob, a cellphone or walkie talkie failsafe must be adopted this week so that this embarrassment never happens again. If the video replay booth and the referee must be in communication, it HAS to happen.

Most people who saw the TSN footage would concur that it was indeed Wiinipeg's ball since Barrin Simpson did knock the ball into touch while he was still inbounds (my view). Nevertheless, it points to a lack of foresight within the game operations side of the CFL front office. It must get fixed for this weekend.

Oski Wee Wee,

They had already used their timeout so winnipeg couldn't run down the clock before punting.

For years reffing in the CFL as well as minor leagues too has been average to poor. When the officials become the focal point of each and every game then there is a serious problem. How many times have great plays been called back on an infraction that had nothing to do with the play and would have had no influence on its outcome? I have stood on the sidelines of many OVFL, HMFA and Highschool games and the theme is always the same. The refs have big egos and IMO many think they are bigger than the game. WRONG! And many of these refs also do CFL games. I have seen coaches ask for and explanation of a call only to be threatened with an obj. conduct. call.
Hate to say this but it will never change and we are wasting our time talking about it. It has been the same since the dawn of man....