Ridiculous Press Release by Lonie

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Renegades Ink Veterans Kerry Joseph and Korey Banks and Veterans Murphy, Scott and Sutherland. Newcomers Howard and Knight join Donnavan Carter to bulk up defense while Michael Scott and Anthony “Tiger� Jones reload the Ottawa Offense.

Renegades Executive Vice President Forrest Gregg released signing information on a host of Renegades including team leader and Quarterback; Kerry Joseph, Wide receiver Yo Murphy and Offensive Lineman Mike Sutherland, all starters from the 2005 team. Defensively Gregg announced the signing of two defensive tackles: Charles Howard, Florida State University and Canary Knight, University of Alabama who will join 2005 Veteran Johnny Scott on the Renegades Defensive Line. Linebacker Donnavan Carter was also confirmed as signing boosting the number of newly signed players to nine.

The Renegades Executive Forrest Gregg threw down a “Full House� like a Classic Riverboat Gambler today revealing the front office strategy. Gregg reiterated the theme of signing current talent to long term deals and creating roster stability. In an interview last week Greg was cagey in his responses choosing to let the club release the information on its own timeline. The new moves also showcase the work of John Jenkins and his stable of pro football scouts; most notably defensive buzz saws Charles Howard, Florida State University (Atlantic Coast Conference) and Canary Knight, University of Alabama (South Eastern Conference) who will elevate the level of talent on the defense front. John Jenkins Stated: “This is a huge step forward in revealing the direction of our 2006 program, including the scope and power of this talented scouting machine in locating top football talent and in how we rebuild this program and create a very competitive atmosphere in Ottawa�.

When asked how the team will handle the loss of recent Free Agents, Jenkins responded: “We are working very diligently right now and have been since late 2005 with our American Workouts and are very confident about the level of talent we are finding and who will be in training camp this May. In this business players will seek greener pastures; the team must and will continue to function, moving forward with players who are excited to be here in Ottawa. These are men who coming into the program are very pumped about being Renegades and committed to changing the status quo; both players and coaches who have a common goal in succeeding and winning here where others have failed. And that is a very powerful combination.�

Forrest Gregg also noted the new additions to the offensive unit of Anthony “Tiger’ Jones; the University of Louisville product, a highly touted speedster the Cardinal wide receiver has very good size at 5-11, 190. Michael Scott, an American kicker with extensive professional indoor and outdoor experience joins the special teams; Scott is expected to create good competition in training camp. Both Jenkins and Gregg would not be persuaded to comment on future additions through these American workouts but it seemed by their demeanor that more player acquisitions would be coming and they would be impact players.

Forrest Gregg reiterated: “John Jenkins is extremely hard working and with his scouting team he will produce football talent.� As a scouting group at Calgary Gregg noted that Jenkins and his current scouting staff brought to the CFL Nikolas Lewis, the CFL Rookie of the Year. “Today’s group of top player signings should signal what our 2006 direction is, substantially upgrading the coaching staff and creating competition within the team, and to have one common goal; a winning program.

The media coverage of last week seemed to have generated a lot of negative feedback; “BUT it demonstrates there is a huge passion for football here in Ottawa, and the challenge, our management and team challenge is to harness that, through results on the football field and create a new positive passion and with winning that will happen. How much better is fan passion rather than apathy? Furthermore if people want to take us for granted and discount the program and the team all the better while we continue to take care of our business and move forward with building a team. While I would love to think this perception, of stumbling along in the darkness, which is held by our fans is also the perception of our CFL peers I would seriously doubt that this is the case. Todays showcase of signed players both returning and incoming should and will demonstrate where we are heading.

ABC: I'm curious, does your wife beat you? There's gotta be a reason for your dour, sour disposition. Here's betting 9 wins and a berth into the first round of the playoffs this season WILL TURN YOUR FROWN UPSIDE DOWN. I bet you're really a pussycat in real life. Have some patience. REMEMBER: the Riders died in 1996. The Renegades are entering their fifth year. It takes time to build a winner. I'm happy that these guys are re-signing who they can, and are mining the south for talent. Qwitcher'Btchn.

You want to bet??? LMAO I believe I am a realist. You know, reality. Something you might not have a grasp on, but that's another story. I see how easily you dismiss this joke of a press release. Unbelievable.

Oh...ABC. How I love to torture the wicked. Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street with a name like that?

You can believe whatever you want; it doesn't mean you're right. Patience, my friend. The wins will come.

Right, try listening to the talk radio shows about the Renegades and you'll soon understand. Listen to Mark Kosmos and the team1200. Listen to the fans that actually know what is going on and don't blindly follow a team just because they are so afraid of not having a football team here. How long are you going to give Lonie a free ride here? People who think real fans sit at their seats and say nothing while their team is run into the ground are sorely mistaken. The mistaken thought that the team deserves our respect and money when the team is not respectful of the fans. Case in point, fans are complaining that when they want to purchase tickets by calling up their office, get an answering machine and no one calls back. Fans are complaining that when the Forrest is on a talk show that he sounds like he has no idea what he is doing and possibly had a few pops just beforehand. Fans are complaining when the owner when he speaks to the media is confrontational. Not you, you just want to keep your mouth shut and give your money away to Lonie. Might be easier if you get a wig and fake breasts and meet him. Wait, maybe you do that already.

so ABC, will you be attending any games this season?

ABC does have one point. I have been trying to buy season tickets and the response I am getting from the Renegades Office is that they dont know when they will be on sale and at what prices. That is just inexcusable.

LOL.. Sesame Street.. Sorry.. I had to chuckle..

I don't know much about the new signings...but I do have my season tickets. I purchased the two for one deal back in December. True to their word, the Gades office contacted me two weeks ago to help me choose my seats. So, things are working for me...

Sure. July 1st sounds perfect to me. I'll be taking bets if we have the Lonie/Forrest/Jenkins management team if you're interested.

You don't seem to understand that one of the responsibilities of the owners/management is to entice fans to come to pay not to expect them because they're real or true fans, whatever euphanism you people use when someone criticizes Lonie et al.

SO you will be attending ......ONE game this year?

I have been following this game in Ottawa since 1969 and I have never been around a team that just seems to have lost it's way, I'm sure that Lonie has his heart in the right place, and the many times I have talked to him he is a pretty decent guy, I just don't think he understands the region, the people, or what is required to run this team. It always seems to come across as "what is good for Lonie, is good for the fans" and this just doesn't work in this town. It is not a natural football town anymore, but it could be if there is some direction. The City of Ottawa doesn't make it any easier when they have the fun police out and about before the games, looking out for the dreaded tail gate parties, it's almost a crime to have fun in this city and until that narrow minded attitude changes, there will always be struggles. I've tail gated in Buffalo before the Bills games and it just gets the fans and the community into the game. I don't agree with the Mardi Gras idea, but at least he gave a new idea a shot. The marketing of this team is non-exhistant and when you only have one guy selling tickets in the front office, it's just not going to happen. I'm willing to give the new coaching staff the opportunity of showing what they can do, but I fear that the run and shoot under Kerry Joseph won't be very effective, Kerry likes the new system because it will give him the opportunity to think on his feet a little more, unfortunately he has a problem finding open receivers at the best of time. It will be interesting.

Maybe maybe not. I'm sorry if I don't make my plans months in advance for you guys. One thing for sure, if Lonie and Forrest and Jenkins are still around, I will be taking bets. :lol:

Don't get me wrong, I dislike the Glebber' as much as anyone, (althought Bernie seems ok). But as other's have pointed out, we are fans of the team, u no, the players, so let's give them a chance. They are professionals who provide us with entertainment and who want to win.

Let's be honest, Joe was a nice guy, but the team made so many fundimental mistakes, (bad penalties) he had to be let go. Not sure if JJ is the man, but we'll see.

But damm, I'll miss Josh.

Here, here Burnt - i'm behind the players.
I don't wish any ill will to Ranek, he worked his *ss off every game, with a better O-line he could have had 1500 yds last year.
Well, now he'll be running down our throats and hopefully our D can wrap him up, but not before he gets 4-5 yds....

Eric Tillman - pls come home. The Forrest and Lonie show is getting tired.

It'll be interesting to see how well Joe does with the Tigh-Cats.