Ridiculous Playoff Starting Times

Hamilton BC play at 1 PM.
Meaning it will be 10AM in BC.
Gee, that will sure help ratings.
TSN is more worried about making sure its Sunday night NFL game isn't cut into by a playoff game.
This wouldn't have happened if CBC was the carrier.
They used to show playoff games at 3PM, and then in prime time.
On a Sunday to boot.
Meaning they would maximize the audience.
But a 10Am start?

While I don't disagree with the logic of your assertions, you would have a very hard time convincing me that the CFL would be better off on CBC than TSN.

I think that the exclusive agreement with TSN is one of the best decisions made by the league in decades, regardless of its occasional quibbles. For pete's sake, they air an ad for CFL games on practically every commercial break, regardless of the event that is showing. They even televise the DRAFT!

If I lived in BC i'd wake up a couple of hours earlier than normal to watch my team play if it meant I didn't have to watch the game on CBC and listen to "Overneath" 36 times by Walby. Before TSN came along the CBC only started showing games in September and left us to listen on the radio for half the games.

That should at the very least split the games on different days, like Saturday and Sunday, that way we get a game a night, that be sweet! In addition to timing it better.

The East playoffs have always been the early start 12pm cst. and the West 3 cst. This year 3 .30. Lion fans have only their team to blame for finishing 4th in the west. Should be happy your in the playoffs.

At least TSN wised up and the Division Semi-Finals and Finals are on Sunday.

I'm so excited, playoffs make life better.

People, you need to stop giving Berezin the time of day. It doesn't matter what happens, he'll still find something to complain about. There are two things that he fails to realize...

  1. These playoff times have been listed for several weeks now.
  2. If Winnipeg had won last week, it'd be the Ti-Cats and Bombers playing at 1 pm. This game is at 1 pm because it's the Eastern final.

Too bad. We get awfully tired of watching BC games until 1 AM here so you can suck up an early Hamilton start.That's the life of cross country football.

I like the games schedule very very much, regardless of who is playing.

Don't finish last....

That's what happens when your the crossover team... Lions fans should count their blessings IMO.

Last week the Edmonton game finished at almost 3 in the morning out here.

Its a big country...

Huh? We get football games on TV at 10am ALL THE TIME. I like early games. If I can't watch I simply record the game and watch it later.

Guess I'll just have to start drinking at 09:30 then! :smiley:

sorry but this is clearly just grasping at straws…

nothing wrong with the start times…

nothing at all.

I personally love the early start! it’s better than a late game!

It'll be 12:30 here.. so you're good to go!!

Works for me. I have 3 6 packs and whisky to either celebrate or drown my sorrows.

:roll: Wow....I'm a new CFL fan (Just started following the Canadian game at the end of last season) and i've noticed very quickly that there are many fans that seem to feel the need to complain about EVERYTHING...ALL THE TIME.

Man, just wake up slightly earlier than you normally would this Sunday, turn on your tv and cheer for your Lions. I'm thinking fans in Winnipeg and Toronto would do almost anything to have a 10AM playoff game this weekend...

Just mention the refs or Rod Black and watch the posts pile up!

What’s funny, is the NFL has its playoff games on in the afternoon, as well. That’s just the way it is with football. Berezin’s just the type of person who isn’t happy unless he’s complaining about something. :wink:

I like a 10am start then I have the rest of the day to spend with my wife and kids.