Ridiculous Fine For Dominique Ellis

Ellis fined for this innocuous tweet. CFL becoming a police state?

"I'm speechless, I didn't run with my hands up I jumped with my hands, and he threw it at my back. GOD BLESS"

Even Brandon Banks defended Ellis.

brandon banks ?@speedybanks87 Aug 7
That's great defense @DominiqueEllis7 !! Smh idk what else u suppose to do

Absolutely RIDICK that he would be fined for that! Johnny does not agree with him on the penalty, but he expressed himself correctly.

Might as well make it a flag football league if that's going to be PI. And fining him for that tweet is absurd and unfair. The PA should get involved.

Well well, unusual as it is, I disagree with d&p.

To me that was a clear penalty. Call it 'screening' or 'faceguarding', Ellis had his back to the passer and had his arms up in front of the receiver's face. . . and the ball hit him in the back of the helmet.

That's pass interference. If he'd turned to face the ball might have been different, but he didn't. Flag was legit.

He jumped and put his hands up. Happens all the time in the CFL without being called. Bogus call to me, but even if I'm wrong and PI was the right call, do you think Ellis deserved to be fined for that very harmless tweet?

He sure did; but the point is he had his back to the passer; that's what makes it faceguarding or screening. If he'd made an attempt to turn and look at the Qb or try to find the ball, then no call. But he didn't so the call is legit.

Sure other examples of that happening may not have been called for whatever reason, but that doesn't make it any the less a penalty. If you get a fine for speeding, it wouldn't be much of a defence to say someone else was speeding too and didn't get a ticket.

Don't really have an opinion on that one way or the other.

Earlier in the week Rick Moffat got a clarification from the CFL, relayed it to Ellis, but he still seemed to be in denial.

I met Ellis at training camp. Really cool, polite, well spoken guy. Hopefully he learns to turn his head.

I agree with Mad Jack, it was a penality However D&P is also correct that the call is very inconsistant

And again, being fined for that tweet is absolutely absurd.