Ridiculous commentary

Is anyone listening to the commentary for the B.C./Hamilton game? I swear, if the announcers make another reference to 3-0 and 0-3, I'm gonna friggin' snap!

My favourite was this little gem....."The longer the Tiger Cats stay in the game, the better it is for the Tiger Cats." Thank you, Captain Obvious.....

:lol: Yeah, I caught that as well. I couldn't help but shake my head. I'm tempted to just watch the game on mute.

4-0 now.

Late in the game Suitor kept talking about the Ti-Cats could kick a field goal, then attempt on onside kick. He suggested at least twice that they could attempt an onside kick after a field goal. Since the Lions have the option of taking the ball on the 35, after a field goal, Hamilton wouldn't have been able to try an onside kick. Glen Suitor should really know this

Your announcers on TSN and CBC aren't nearly as bad as our NFL guys in the US. They act like they are paid by the word and go out of their way to make us think that the game they are working should be the most important thing in our lives at that particular time. Your game presentation is much more enjoyable too. We have two hour long pre-game shows for even the most meaningless contests and, during the game, they are constantly splashing statistics on the screen for those involved in fantasy football leagues. A CFL broadcast is like an NFL broadcast back in the mid-90s and frankly, I like it that way.

Oh yeah, the CFL on CBC theme music puts any of our networks to shame, that will be missed after this year.

Great post I do agree sometime the glitz and glamour over rides the game in an NFL game on TV.

I am not sure what it is that some people are expecting.

How good can a commentator actually be?

The styles have changed over the decades that is for sure.

But what do you expect these guys to say that would be so much better than what they are saying now?

And for the record:

I hope TSN picks up Walby for commentating.

That's a good point. Down by 10, it's okay to kick the field goal first if there's time for your defence to get the ball back. But if you're relying on the onside kick for your second score, you need the touchdown first.

Nice catch, derex. I don't think I noticed that.

Well thats see. In last nights game the Argos started the play with out it being whistled in. Walby is yelling at the ref why he did not blow the whistle. In the replay it showed the one ref was walking between the lineman who ran to avoid getting hit. Well Walby the problem is the refs have to be in position first. If anyone should no that it should be him he was an O lineman. You see with Walby there is to much fat between his ears to block out good thought processes. There are good ones out there but they are not working. Replace Suitor and Walby! Put Benefield and Khari Jones in.

I believe a change in the booth is needed. Suitor first, lets get some new faces and voices commentating on the games. Great halftime panel though. I really enjoy listening to Schultz, just don't use his NFL picks in proline.....

The problem with these announce teams is that there's no accountability. They ought to be changed as frequently as they themselves call for quarterbacking changes.