Ridiculous, Biased Commentators

Yes I realize I am bitter coming off a loss to a sad sack team like Hamilton. Nevertheless, those commentators were incredibly biased. They were in love with Zeke Moreno and Jesse Lumsden and after almost every call against Hamilton they whined and complained. ie After the holding on Gavin Walls and the Anderson ejection the commentators were almost suggesting rule book changes so that their precious Ti-Cats could finally get a win. They mentioned Kevin Glenn a few times but other than that they drooled over Hamilton for three hours, including pre-game. Give me a break TSN, or rather give me CBC.

For the record, Anderson should also recieve a fine from the CFL.

Well call whine one one!

1 hour from T.O, what did you expect :wink:

Haha amen to that.

And what about Hebert when he started his little shoving match.

Like ro said…

...CANDIDATE...sore loser award 2007....

SORE LOSER? did you not listen to any ti-cat supporter or player OR EVEN COACH! what this is is simply saying that we should not have to listen about zeke moreno for frickin 3 hours

...CANDIDATE...sore loser award 2007...

But if it was Kevin Glenn then it would be OK!

last week we had to listen to them yack about Milt. So there ya go

Or the week previously when I wasn't sure if it was a football broadcast or The Milt Stegall Show.

And while we are talking about Stegal......Are we going to hear what number touchdown it is everytime he scores?
Number 139......Number 140......

...go back to your BB forum and have a cry....

uhh ya ok.... when there is a greater player that comes along and breaks a record like that then i will be happy to listen and watch but when they talk about some random guy for that long it gets kind of annoying

What is this? The Stegal/Bomber forum? :lol:

They usually talk up the team that is playing better or winning, in this case the Ti-cats. It's not an abberation, this happens all the time.

Usually when a team is playing poorly, why talk about them?

Honestly, I didn't hear all that much talk about Moreno. I heard more about Lumsden, and considering he had 211 yards and 2 TDs, and won the Gladiator, I think the talk of him was justified.

And I'm not sure why you Bombers fans are bitching. As ro pointed out, the announcers kept counting Milt's TD record every time he scored.

You guys need to get a grip. So what. You lost. Learn to deal.

Hey, it's a feel-good story, one easy to get caught up in. Plus, Lumsden had a night-of-the-year, and Moreno IS a stud.

Winnipeg didn't accomplish bugger all on offence for the middle 40 minutes of the game. What else were they gonna talk about? Troy Westwood's personal descent into madness?

It's bad enough to blame officials when your team loses; it's even more pathetic to whine about allegedly biased announcers. The better team on the night won gang, just admit it and move on.

it is only natural for them to lean a little to the underdog. No one likes to see any team be as down and Hamilton has. At least not any decent true fan of the game.