Riderville -what a scam.

Another scam to take advantage of the fans.
I have checked all the websites of the teams and nobody other then the Riders is trying to scam the web like they are. Give us a break I pay my membership every month to Sask-tel it is called Internet and websites especially fan sites are FREE designed to promote the team and the product. BTW what is the price of those SHARES are they going up if so you better sell them fast. :?

I couldn’t agree more with you. I have never complained about ticket prices, share prices, etc., because I support the team. But the fact that they make you pay to get into the website is a load of crap.

I paid over $700 for my two season tickets this year and that still isn’t enough for the Riders to let me access all of the content on their website.

That is crap I feel for you paying out that money and supporting your team as you do. Then for them to sock it to you with a web site. Sort of like an NDP government if you ask me. Pay pay pa y and the pay some more.
Just do not go there Riderfans.com is adequate do you not think.

Why should Fan Club memberships be free? I pay for a fan club membership that gives me things like the Rider fact book, membership decals, etc. One of the benifits of the membership is access to some parts of the riderville website that the general public does not have access to!

I get to see detailed video highlights, talk to players, etc.

IF I chose not to purchase the fanclub membership, I could still log onto the Riderville site and get a lot of info. For many rider fans that do not live in Regina, membership allows them to feel involved and support the team.

I pay taxes to the province, but I still have to pay to use a provincial park. I pay taxes to the City, but I still have to pay to use the pool. I pay to go to the movie theater, but I still have to pay to buy popcorn! I go to a football game and have to pay for the program!

Value added packaging has been around for a donkeys age, suck it up!

I have no complaints about the membership, its fees, and all of the benefits, with the exception of the website. I understand they need to make $$, but at some point, they need to recognize that the majority of the money comes from season ticket holders and we deserve a little something too. Access to the web isn’t too much to ask.

Sorry does not make sense to me!

Are you saying that all season ticket holders should automatically get a Fan Club membership? What about those buying cheap endzone tickets?

Or are you saying that only some of the fan club benifits should be made available to season ticket holders? Why just the website? I know season ticket holders that do not have computers! Should they get the fact book for free?

I am a season ticket holder AND a fan club member. I could be one or the other or neither, all my choice. I see new members joining all the time.

Frankly I like the fact that I can go to a place and talk to fellow fan, players, coaches, etc with out a whole lot a yahoos cluttering up the space (unless they want to help fund the team :smiley: ). I can come to here to get my ass whooping from those other fans.

I like the fact that my money means that it is worth the riders time to have one of their staff members video tape special interviews, game action, etc

I think many fans like me who would like to have access to a decent website are not particularly interested in the other benefits of fan club memberships. There were memberships that one had to pay for well before there was a website. Why not just continue with that and include access to all the website to members and season ticket holders. All other teams have decent free websites for anyone. I know a number of people find the cost of a season ticket really crimps the budget. Why not offer a little more incentive for them instead of nickelling and diming on every single thing the Riders have to offer. By the way, have you seen some of the new concession prices?

Well there is a reasonable amount of stuff on the free part of the site.

I still can not understand what it is about a website that people think it should be automatically free? I’ll ask again why not a free book? A free membership sticker? Free fanclub parking? Why focus on the website?

The reality is that the RIders lost money last year, somehow the costs need to be covered. Riderille used to be a seperate cost of $60, now it is part of the fan club package at $40! Thousands of people belong to the fan club, including many that will never be able to get to the game.

As for concession prices, at least the beer is cheaper than at many other stadiums! Tickets prices went up as well. As have expenses for things like players, jumbotron, etc.

The thing is that I see that I am getting value for money. Taylor Field is being improved, better website and a better team.

Most of the web browsing is free that is what makes it a joy. Unless your into porn or gambling that is.
Just look at the other teams sites is all I am saying Riderville has all these links and quotes of how much more you can get if you pay more. Not going to happen I go to the TSN Rider site instead. It’s free and updated on game day.
Many newspapers are trying this to keep up to the web and they are failing. The web has so much information trying to hold it back will only lose you business. Good business’s that advertising link can give. I bet you Hamilton will sell more out of their links and their site then Riderville does. I sure would not spend money to advertise there.

Hey leeing, you didn’t read my post correctly. I said I have no complaints about the membership. Personally, I don’t want one at this point. To me, the membership and website should be two different things. We can agree to disagree, but in my opinion, the website should be open to all fans, period. It is about marketing. The Riders to move people from being casual fans who only go to one or two games per year into season ticket holders. They want to take people that don’t come to games, and get them excited enough to start coming. The website is a great tool to do this. Get those people seeing the interviews and all of the other extras. Give them something to get excited about. Maybe you will get more bums in the seats.