Riderville says Quinn is gone.

His middle name may not be Quick, But Johnny Quinn runs smooth routes and has the stickiest hands around......Oh yeh, lets not forget can take a hit too.

Meanwhile on May 21 st. Import receivers Dwayne Eley, Aaron Love and Aaron Waldie were signed.
Unless these three guys know how to Blaze, or Quinn is still injured It's a mistake NOT to have Quinn at TC.

IMO. Quinn will be a star in this league.........

I am wicked bummed out to hear about him being released. He was my favourite receiver. I felt he was really underrated.

Not to mention his name just sounds awesome. Looks like I'll have to get a new jersey now that he's down and out.

I sincerely hope someone else picks him up.. He has too much talent to waste.

Here's to hoping :expressionless:

I agree with you both. I was a huge Quinn supporter right from day one when he was signed. Sure hope he surfaces again soon. The man is MONEY! A sad day to see him gone.

I was really surprised when I heard about this as well. If Rodriguez or Bagg go down, I would have thought he would have been the next guy to step in. Heck even if one of the wideouts struggled, I thought he would be a guy that could be put in and be effective.

For the record Rodriguez was injured for about half of '09.Better have someone behind him just in case.

I dunno, personally I see Quinn as replaceable. I didn’t think he was better than the starting 4-5 receivers we already had last year.

I am pretty sure that they see this too. Something must have come up.

That is what made it really surprising. I thought he was a solid insurance guy, that would more than likely be used at some pont during the season.

I am curious to which 4-5 WR's you are talking about? He wasn't a slot so you can't really count Dressler, Getzlaf, Fantuz or Clermont. The only guys ahead of him were Walker and Bagg and Quinn was more reliable than Walker but not as explosive IMO. This year, Rodriguez and Bagg will be starting wide but they really don't have any depth beyond those two. I'm assuming they had a reason/something came up but if they just released him thinking one of these new guys will come in and step in better than Johnny, I think that is a mistake. Maybe McKoy will stay healthy and finally step up. I believe this will be his last year to make something happen.

No question a backup import WR can be replaced though, you are right. One of the 6? imports will be doing that this year.

..I think that is all of them, and then the NI McKoy.

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