Riderville Membership not too popular

I see that Riderville.com has put the names of its "Charter Members" from their first year on their website. There is only 781 names. I would call that a failure when you consider there is about 13,000 season ticket holder and thousands of other fans that buy single game tickets or cheer them on from another province.

I can't understand why the Riders think it is a good idea to make fans pay to access most of the info on their website. Very poor marketing choice when you consider that to sell tickets to fans, you want to showcase your product. What are they gaining with a membership that costs $42.80? With only 781 members in the first year, they are earning a total of only $33,426.80 and a fair bit of that goes to sales tax. On a budget of close to $10 million, that isn't much.

I bet if the membership was free or even a minimal fee of $10, they would sell more tickets because they would be showcasing the product. It would only take 668 game day ticket sales to reach the same revenue they get from their membership structure...

Excellent point, timo - have you brought it up with the office?

Nope. Pretty sure it would fall on deaf ears.


Ahh the ignorance of the uninformed. I personally don't have a Riderville membership, but I can tell you that it is in fact very successful for a pay website. To prove my points i'll give you some numbers of free fan sites:

Riderville 781 members
Ticats.ca 4051 members
Riderfans 3042 members
13thman 2552 members
Ourbombers 2054 members
Lionbackers 1461 members
GoStampsGo 672 members
Esksfans 660 members
Argofans 147 members
Alsfans 126 members

That means that Riderville ranks #6 of all CFL fan sites. The rest of the sites are free sites and one is an all cfl site. These free sites contain many members which cheer for opposing teams. Riderville only contains Rider fans since its a pay site. Not to even mention that Riderville has a competitor in Riderfans.

Comparing season ticket holders to Riderville members is completely pointless. Most of these people either don't have the internet or don't use it.

If you want to speak of showcasing the product just look at Riderfans.com, it's the second biggest CFL forum and probably the most active.

.......um, you forgot to include the forum you posted this on..........2329 members on CFL.ca.........

I would have thought all those ex-pat Roughrider fans who are now making tons of money outside of gopher gulch would be happy to pay that piddling amount if nothing else but to be able to listen to the radio broadcasts on streaming audio. One sees them paying good money to go to games in their adopted cities around the country but not to listen to the games that aren't televised. I wonder why that is.

Currently there are 1790 online members in Riderville. The website access is only part of the Fan Club package. I believe there are many, many more who are members but are not registered online.

I agree totally. I get more on the Riders from the Calgary site then i do from Riderville. As much as I like supporting the Riders...the login price is too high for marketing hype.

here you go.
This is a better one anyway and it is free. (the way the net is meant to be.)


If you get a membership what kind of stuff do you get that others dont.