Riderville in Calgary Telus center.. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!

ok. so who's stupid idea was it to have it in such a small location?

anyone who went there saw the lineups

thousands of people, waited in a lineup for 4-6 hours trying to get in, MANY of them never got in! NOT ONCE!

people who had bought their tickets months ago, never got in at all.

whoever planned this? poor, awful organizing!

they oversold, and many fans are some pissed off that they never got into Riderville!

why didn't they rent a bigger venue?

and whats with the way it was run?

if you bought your tickets, you couldn't just enter, you had to go into the lineup and wait. possibly 4-6 hours! and you may have not even got in!!!!

then once you walk out, you had to go BACK to the end of the line and wait!

very disappointed! this needs to be corrected NOW!

I thought it was great in there!!!

...you just had to know how to get in without waiting in line...


:cowboy: :rockin: