Riderville has made its move?

Whoa!!! Looks like Riderville has made its move to cfl.ca - a few new fora in the Roughriders section ... hope this spawns some new membership and prolfic posters :slight_smile:

Ya just switched!!

just a bit confusing at first.

Welcome to you and all the others who I hope will make this forum their home :slight_smile: :thup: :rockin: :thup: :slight_smile:

Glad to see the Riders have a proper home and forum here at CFL.ca, I wish the moderators all the best as it's going to get busy!

We can take it :cowboy: :cowboy:

I hope :cry:

...God help us all...

Yes, all your Calgary neighbours will be posting here soon !

Sorry to see Rville go. I am glad I was able to make the move to the "new" forum. Proud to show my Rider pride as "WELSHminstrel" :smiley:

Glad to see you posting Welsh. PM me your email. I've got a picture to email you of my youngest daughter who was in Virginia and now is back in Calgary. She's on hotel business in Dallas and was at Cowboys Stadium yesterday and threw a pass to Drew Pearson (famous for the Hail Mary TD from Staubuch in 1975)

Nice to see you on here Welsh and Stan ! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving .Go Riders !! (Devlin)

Cool...good to see Riderville members making their way here!!! :slight_smile:

I wasn't a Riderville member but I second the motion :thup: I'm counting on you guys to add some vibrancy to the site :slight_smile: Welcome one and all!

Finally figured out how to login. Had many problems but have been lurking ever since Riderville died. Sad to see the old girl die, but am glad to be here and especially happy to see Stan and Welsh sticking around.

Jesse Covert-Ruttenberg