RIDERVILLE fans - let Swaggerville have it !!

I know it will be loud, be the loudest you can be !! :thup: Tigertown will be cheering for you ! Good Luck !

[url=http://watch.tsn.ca/cfl-games-on-demand/week-9-tiger-cats-vs-blue-bombers/#clip524476]http://watch.tsn.ca/cfl-games-on-demand ... clip524476[/url]

After back to back losses will the Bombers be referred to as Staggerville? :wink:

I'm dreaming of course, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

If we win in Regina, Bomber fans will get an earful. Hard to believe how pompus those fans have become with half a good year of games. Lets look at their record over the last 3 years.

how are they being pompous? they had enough faith in their team to sell a butt load of season tickets and sell out games from the start, coming off a 3 win season, and a couple years of utter turmoil. They should be proud of how their team is doing thus far, and when your team carries but one loss thus far in the season the teams fans are going to be a little more exuberant...don't care who's fan base it is.

:thup: :thup:

After the way Rider fans have gloated these forums to death over the last few years, I'd say it's their turn.

Looking forward to this year! Should be a good one. Going down for the 4th straight year and hoping to see my first win on labor day! I heard if we do win it will be lame at the bars and clubs Sunday night because everyone will be pissed off, which sucks, as much as we poke fun at one another it's always fun to party with you guys win or lose after the game. In order to win this year the riders will have to put up points on us fast in the first quarter, build a big lead. If it is close going into the third, ill be pretty confident the bombers will come out with a win, but who knows on labor day!

See you guys there! :rockin:


4-win season. But we get your drift. (Three posts in a row like this - better stop before I get a reputation :oops: )

Check out this Article in the Winnipeg Free Press
Look east: Riders up next, but Montreal the real measuring stick

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/look-east-128658968.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 58968.html[/url]

I am pretty sure the point was clear via the "big picture" portrayed, but hey, thanks for correcting the point of minor significance.

bomber fans are going to be coming to labour day proud of their team and some of them are going to be cocky with the swagger and all. Why not they are 7 and 1. Never mind them though, Rider fans need to show them how it is done, and how it is done right. Be loud be proud. But remember to not let the team and your fellow Rider fans down by crossing the line.

Sorry depop. I didn't mean three posts of yours - I meant I did three "correction" posts in a row ... I was talking to myself. Didn't even notice who I was correcting in any of the three, actually. And every one of them were relatively insignificant, I agree; hence, why I said to myself that I should stop. Didn't mean to be a dork ...

Pompous? We are not talking about the Rider Nation now are we????

You are right the Bombers suffered a lot in the last three years but with all those older players on the team you could be in for some of the same and remember, the guy that getting us those poor players is now working getting your team together.
Let's just see how you will fare if you have to a period of rebuilding.

The Bomber fans stuck with the team even after Whacko Kelly and a 4-14 year. They have earned the pleasure of feeling good. You had your turn and were at times not all that nice to others so... me too time.

I have no issue supporting your team and 7 wins in 8 games is impressive. But swaggerville? Only one team in the league deserves that and it is Montreal. Sure you have an occasional fan gloating but i dont recall anything on the scale we are seeing in Bomber nation when the Riders were winning. Maybe i'm wrong but i dont recall anything on that scale.

Rider fans went thru lean years too, but Rider Nation was more a way to keep the team alive when times were bad.

Looks like our defeat is a done deal, im surprised we are allowed to play BB. The tone of the article is a bit harsh. I agree, forget aout the Riders and concentrate on the Als :roll:

I've had a lot of time to kill while working up north here in northern MB and the only people that seem to be looking past the Riders to the Als are the media types. Yes some of the Bombers are saying that the Als are the measuring stick to see if you're a have or have not team in the CFL, but all I've heard is the focus that they have for the LDC and the Banjo Bowl! The game this weekend will be a tricky one, as damn close to a trap game as you're going to get - Bombers are rolling right now with the best record and defense in the league heading into enemy territory where there's an "old" new coach, Labour Day atmosphere and not a great record during this weekend in the past. My feelings on the game, while trying not to view it thru Blue and Gold glasses, is this is gonna be one helluva slobberknocker! How many new plays can Miller put into the gameplan? It's basically the same team that got you to this point unfortunately. I think it'll be alot closer of a game than people think. Bombers have been winning the close games that they didn't win last year. I think the crowd, as always, is gonna be a huge part of the game. It's been crazy like that here in Winnipeg the last couple of games and the team is learning to play with the noise. I'm just PO'd that i'm not heading out west this weekend - been there a couple times before and it's been a great party!

Okay - blue and gold glasses back on! SWAG SWAG SWAG!!!

I hope it is not a blowout either way. Like to see another classic LD game.... with the Riders winning of course :wink:

Looks like we have them right where we want them. Treat us as a pushover and look forward to playing some real competition. Hey how many times have the Riders done that in the past? I think the changes to the coaching will have a major impact on performance and I am looking forward to a Rider win in a tight hard fought football game. Go Riders Go!!!!

Hardly...you should never put much stock in what a Ticat fan posts... lol

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/7-1-bombers-expect-challenge-from-1-7-riders]http://www.cfl.ca/article/7-1-bombers-e ... 1-7-riders[/url]

Well it was worth a try. 8)

The swagger of the Bombers fans has always been there -- winning record or not. We have to be appreciative of it, because it's that swagger that brings them to Regina every year for the Labour Bowl. And what makes it the best feud in the CFL.

Sure, it's also that swagger that makes them tell me I'm a toothless, backwards loser, born from a family of prostitutes that can't do basic math or spelling exercises because my IQ is too low from generations of alcohol abuse and incest . . . But you take the good with the bad, right?

Warning: the above paragraph is a compilation of some of the stuff I've heard from Bombers fans over the few years of Labour Day games I've been attending.