Krandal in or out?

if they keep greene, might as well lose him as we only need one backup... if they're smart, and release nealon, keep him to mop up, in case of injury etc.

Greene should be released crandell should be the back up and try and get a starting quarter back like maas, or possibly even ray that could take us to the cup

I can't see a western div. team trading us a good QB, unless we pay way too high a price for the dude.

I'm thinking that maybe we can try for Joseph, although quite honestly I was never overly impressed with him as a QB, seems to be a decent scrambler tho.

Maybe we've gotta use that great talent-finding gift that Shivers is supposed to have to find us the '06 version of Casey Printers..... that'd be neat.

I have to agree with you monkey no western division team will do a deal on this issue. You will need to find something from the east or perhaps Wynn out of Bomberland now that would be a good QB! I know I said no western division team but Taman being as dumb as he is would probably make a deal for some one anyone. Signing a guy winning a million bucks just goes to show you Taman is stupid. You know the dumb car seller on the lot.

I don't even remember seeing Wynn play, but everyone here does talk about him being a pretty alright QB, so I'd think that he must have some talent. Then again, as jm02 is fond of bringing up, we've had Butler standing on our sidelines for like 4 years now, maybe he should either start playing or start his post-playing career. I remember back when we had 4 QB's under contract, apparently Butler was the only one that wasn't available for a trade. If he's that good, maybe it's time to show it.

According to the Bombers Wynn was injured through the season. Wynn has a very strong arm and is much better then anything that is marketable now as far as experience. And like I said Taman is the dumb car sales men on duty. I would not be suprised if the Stamps may go after him for insurance.

Wynn is unproven but has potential..anyone remember how he marched down the field on us and won the game for BC on the last play of the game?
I think Joseph is the most logical and bring his Pal Paopao with him. Joesph might just do well with a top notch Oline..
He has proven he can play but lacked the quality players around him in Ottawa.

Lets face it..Maas is Probably gone and no way in hell would edm trade him to us if he does not go to hamilton..Printers will go to the highest bidder I fear the Argos will gobble him up :frowning:

Oh and to answer the original question..Crandell definatley IN...He has proven to me he can play..but lacks the star quality required these days to make a legite run at the Cup

I think we should realese Nealon, as he has had his chance to prove himself and obviously didn't do it. Keep Crandell, who can be a quality backup. If I were Shivers, I would be going for Joseph right now. I know people say to get Wynn, but he hasn't had a chance to prove himself yet. Therefore, we don't know for sure if he can play or not. With Joseph, we have seen him play for a long time, and we know what we're getting.

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