Riders have lost more Grey Cup then any other team. Starting in 1923 Queens blow out Riders 54-0. For a total of 14. GO ALS GO :cowboy:

Your either a little early with your post or you can't count. Right now we are tied with Winnipeg at 13 followed closely by Montreal at 11. In a few hours you could be right though.

Go Riders

Things certainly don't look good for the Riders. I believe it was Climie who brought up an interesting statistic. He said teams that return to the Grey Cup after losing the previous year are 7-3. Not a good number for Saskatchewan.

Not to mention we've seen this happen twice already this year. After losing to Detroit in 2008, the Penguins returned to the Stanley Cup Finals and got revenge. In the NBA, after the Lakers were screwed out of a Championship in 2008, they went on a mission in 2009, taking the league by storm, and they won the Championship.