Everything alright again in Regina and Hamilton...lol...but the league is starting to shape up as a lot of people though...very even and competetive.

A big win especially on the road....way to go Riders.

redwhite2005, if you check on Armstead's stats in the first two games, he had 49 and 27 yds respectively. Even against the Stamps he only had 30 yds receiving, but two went for TDs, the third TD he got was on a running play. There were a few plays where Armstead coudnt catch up to passes that were overthrown, so I would say that they were having some problems with connecting on plays.

...D.D took a couple of clean shots and kept on tickin'...that's got to be a good sign for the Leos...he can quit the tantrum act though...as it just cheapens the look of a good athlete...Riders played well...congrats. on the win...the west is very tight...just like everyone was predicting.. :rockin:

i predicted the lions miss the playoffs....still early.

kerry joseph and the offence has clicked for the 2nd straight game....and when the defence shows up, they win.

sask is a very good team, when the D shows up...as proven with 2 wins over the mighty lions.

i think the team play a hell of alot better when KK was just sitting on the sidelines :stuck_out_tongue: , maybe the team was making a statement :? because they played good all round :wink: BC is a vey good team and we won!!

The problem Sambo and you are notwanting to see it is that the two players in question have been together for sometime. It would not take long for the two to hook up. It is important he hooks up with all his receivers not just the one.

Yes, but they should be on the same page, and they were not, Dominguez was Joseph's go to guy in the first couple of games. I agree he does need to spread the ball around more.

Great win by the Riders!
Awesome hit by Jackie Mitchell that clocked Dickenson - turning point of the game IMO.

Wow, although it was by 1 point, nice win Riders, good job.

Players who throw tantrums like DD did at the end of the game shouldn't be playing in a professional sports league IMO. And at the very least, he should be suspended for a while.

And what was up with that penalty to Joseph for spiking the ball after the TD? They said it was intimidating? Do the refs fail to watch the stampeders touchdown dance after every TD or what?

He said in an interveiw after the game he thought the riders were offside so he gave it a prayer into the endzone alas no offside and he looks like a tool. Good on ya DD

And ohh for the love off god Redandwhite2005 I wish you bloody clagary fans would do some research before you go and spout off about Joseph only throwing the ball to Armstead. Last weeks game agains Calagary, the riders leading receiver in yards gained was matt dominguez who had 7 grabs for 121 yards. So for the love of GOD stop making yourself look like a tool!!!!!!!

What gives here? This kid has fly paper for hands and they don't use him. Why? Finally they put him in the game last night for what? Would like to see him showcase his telent. Are they concerned that if he plays his chances in the NFL would greatly improve? someone?

HE was in for a couple plays, so they may just be putting him in slowly

I hate to sound like a Rider fan, but, there were some very poor calls from the officials that decided the outcome of the game.

anyway , the riders D Greatly improved, letting 23 points in the first half but then holding B.C to 3 in the 2nd half.

Gratz on ur win Riders :cowboy:

If we only had to play the first 30 minutes we would be undefeated! :roll:

Unfortunately, we have become too predictable, and the defenses can adjust to Chapdelaines play calling. Until he goes, we are in trouble.

Did Dickenson make the call or Chapdelaine? I know, I know, I'm on Chapdelaines back in almost every post, but I'm frustrated at our predictability.

Actually one other point, we are a poor undisiplined team right now. Look at the penalty yardage we took. That basically adds up to two Saskatchewan drives! (I'm not blaming the refs, we deserved the calls!)

Dumb penalties and predictablitly was our down fall. Riders made us pay for those two faults!