Sold effort in BC, crushing hits, gutsy comeback. Way to go green. Riders rule!

Like I said last week, leave the panic button alone...maybe they wanna push it in Calgary right about now. Congrats Ti-Cats!

The Offense is starting to get imaginative and will get better. Dickenson was/is amazing at completing passes so 2 interceptions is a real accomplishment by the D. They stiffened when they had to. The Riders are right in the thick of things.
On another note, my bias aside, was that taunting call on Joseph cheap or what. We have all sorts of dances, players throwing the ball into the stands at away games and much worse.

BC now in LAST PLACE!!!

2-3 Lions... only team in the West below .500. And... did I mention, you are in LAST PLACE??? I thought you were supposed to be good this year?

Good win by the Riders. Tough loss with Richardson's broken foot. It looked like he was going to have a great year.

I think Dave Dickenson should be Saskatchewan's game MVP.

Listen to Danny Barrett on the radio following the game, he said Jamel's foot is dislocated and may require surgery which would most likely sideline him for the remainder of the season. Thats a horrible loss.


Way to go Riders! Once again BC showed they can't play a full game. Something smells in Lions-ville. Great for Dany and Shive to bounce back and get a win. The Riders own the Dome!

The Riders and Lions almost always seem to have good games. I am not saying that because the riders have won the last 4 of 5 regular season meetings. They almost always seem to have a good offensive and defensive struggle when they play against each other.

The key now for the Riders is to start playing consistently good football.

Agreed very cheap call indeed. However, the pass interference/late hit on Hathaway was brutal. Questionable late hit maybe but that was a gift wrapped game winning field goal by the refs.... not that I didn't like it, but I was not very happy from a CFL fan point of view. Very happy as a Rider fan though.

Go Riders!!

P.S. Warner, on behalf of Rider fans thank you for the nice comment.

I hope ppl kinda shut up about KK's assault charge now...

YES, THanks Warner for you nice comment!

Why would Dickenson be even tempted to throw a ball in coverage when all he needs is a field goal to win? They were already on their own 25 yard line!

Will be interesting in the west this year.

Why would Dickenson be even tempted to throw a ball in coverage when all he needs is a field goal to win? They were already on their own 25 yard line!
Because BC's offensive coordinator is an arrogant ass!

Well a field goal would have tied at that point, but yeah, what a dumb Dickenson throw of the ball, then his helmet.

Good to see Armstead/Joseph combo finally clicking..Riders have the potential to put up some serious points...unfortunatley they are giving up the same on defense..At Least Hall finally did something and changed up his pansy arse Defensive play calling :slight_smile:

Rider D played a much better game, lets hope that they will play this way consistently now. Joseph is clicking with Armstead, but he needs to get on the same page with Dominguez as well.

Thats see Armstead clicking with Joseph! Did they not play together last year! :lol: :lol:

Yes, but they werent on the same page for the first two games, and they have turned it around, would you not agree?

Sorry Sambo42 I do not agree. If you remember since the start of the season it is Armstead and Joseph hooking up for most of the yardage. It seems your team has it out for BC and plays a complete game against them. So in realty the Jospeh to Armstead connection happened last year as well. Armstead got two touchdowns in the loss to Calgary as an example. Joseph needs to connect more often to the other receivers in the offense so defenses do not key on Armstead do you not think.

Yes, I do agree with that, but he just lost one his other receivers to injury. Maybe Barrett should consider giving Fantuz a start at slotback.