Riders/Winnipeg Post game

Well I could do some smack talk about now... to those Peg fans who said they would crush the Riders..............but its not going to happen.

For the most part it was a very entertaining game with both teams slugging it out in the 3Rd. Winnipeg has got some talent, like the Riders they just need to Gel. Winnipegs major problem is Defense and cover teams.

Riders were not that much better cover team wise but Holmes out played Stokes.

Riders defense once again was DECIMATED by injuires, they picked up some players who I think will eventually knock some of the old guys from the Roster. Mitchell, Benefield & E.Davis should be looking over ther shoulders.

Ok now QB... Crandell didnt exactly light it up with offensive numbers, but in the second half he was stellar. Turnover by defense = touchdown, threw no intercepts and didnt fumble the ball, imagination on offense. Szarka ran the ball, Keith 130-140 yards on the ground. nuff said.

Ok one last thing.. everyone and his Dog thought thought Greene was starting, Hats off to DB for making the decision to start Crandell and leaving Winnipeg think they would feast on Greene, Finally a coaching decision worthy of mention.

its over for ANY shot of winnipeg in the playoffs....
now if winnipeg takes the rematch, then its over for sask's playoffs chances, too!!!

A good summation of the game Dentor, Winnipeg defence has gone down the tubes in the last two games (86 points) thats just pathetic, not too many bomber fans, me included, saw the defence collapse coming when we lost Rust and Brown going down but it is pretty clear now. Drummer Boy, when will you learn, its the cfl, anything can happen, sask was 4 - 8 last year and could have ended up in the cup, you just cant write anyone off too soon.

i can, and i will
winnipeg only has 7 games left......and are 2 points back of 4th ....they need to (pretty much ) win all 7 and have sask and calgary both lose every game...not gonna happen.

don't worry Piggie, theres always next year....

you forgot na na na na at the end of that dg.

Winnipeg has no defence and on the other side of the coin the Riders have no offence (first offensive touchdown in 5 games?!?!?!!?).
Was Crandell amazing or did the Bomber defence make him look good? I'd go with the later.

At least the 2nd halve was entertaining, the first halve I could have done without. It was a complete gong show.

No Crandell wasnt amazing, he showed alot of rust in the first half, but he got the job done, if he can repeat the performance in the Peg we are legitimate contenders for a playoff spot.

As for a Gong show... the second half was very exiciting football.(especially 3Rd Quarter) if you cant see that your not much of a football fan.

and it was the touchdown scored by a pass..arghhh get your facts straight!!!!

Did Crandell play amazing? No. But he got the job done and that's something Greene hasn't done. He spread the ball around nicely, controlled the clock and most of all capitalized on his opportunities and didnt turn the ball over. A solid outting by Marcus.

Many BB's fans will blame the refs on this one, and desevably so.

But I blame the Bombers defence on this one, they didn't step up to the plate when they should have. Had they spotted the Riders from getting a TD after the sucessful FG form Westwood (well done BTW! :smiley:), this would have been a very diffenrent game and maybe a diffrent finsh. But we will never know.

With that said, Winnipeg will avenge this lose next week in the Peg! where we will get our second starit Banjo Bowl victory!!!

the sign of a good QB is to find a way to WIN Crandell did that . by responding to Winnipegs scoring drives and scorind points of his own making the job easier for the defence

the best defense is a great offense and by starting Crandell the Riders took a huge step in the right direction

This is a big reason why we won. Holding on to the ball is key and Crandell did that.

Good Job Riders (blahh :frowning:) but we'll see you in the Peg on the 10th...Prepare for a strong battle because wait for it..... we're at home.......YES!

first off congrats sask, it was a pretty good game to watch, now i dont mean to put down my bombers to take away credit from the riders but danny mcmanus passed for huge numbers against the bombers and the ticats put up lots of points (i know they beat t.o but still) the bomber secondary might be the worst i have ever seen on any team they give up like 400+ pass yards against every game it seems, without brown the d-line is struggling too. sure crandell looked good and probly is better than nealon but it was against the worst d in the league. had the bombers been any other team the rider offense would not have had nearly as much success. however with how solid the sask d is they look like they will be winning some more games in the future as the offense comes together. good job on the win riders, and the bombers have ALLOT of work to do defensively.

another long season ahead,

There isn't really a way a bomber fan could blame this loss on the refs. The refs sucked completely...for both teams. There were missed and bogus interference calls on both the de and O. Their were lots of bad calls. At least from my vantage point in the stands.

Other then that. I would like to say that Dentor summed up the game fairly well.

Their were a few things that I would like to add. Marcel finally used some different formations. We went into both some singleback tight end sets (with szarka playing tight end and Kenton alone in the back field and Crandel behind center). Also some I formation sets. We passed and ran out of both of these sets, and we did very well with them. FINALLY. I was getting a little sick of seeing shotgun draws.

Crandel played ok. he threw quite a few BAD balls, but luckily they were overthrows out of bounds and such, instead of into a bombers hands.

Another thing is the bombers should thank #37 on the Riders secondary. I forget his name, he is new. BUt he dropped 2 interceptions, one tough, the other easy as hell. The bombers got a TD and a FG right after these missed picks. thats 10 points that should not have gone up on the scoreboard. But other then that our new Defenders di look very good. #46 Jones, played very well expecially.

I don't see E. Davis having any problem keeping his Job though Dentor, especially after last night. He played Awesome.

It was good to see Kenton getting the Yardage we knew he could.
Also great to see Corey getting some good touches and that great return.

Getting Szrka into the game. was also quite huge, and a definite crowd plaser. Anyone else notice that everytime he got on the field the crowd was louder, and more electric.

Thinks aren't all roses and butter cups though, we still have a long road to climb, and a very hard schedule. We made strides to being a better team yesterday, but we are still not the best we can be.
We need some injury help too.

But all in all a good game. For us at least. I was very lucky to even get to the game. My stupid Car stalled in Regina about 15 muinutes from the field 40 minutes before game times. Luckily I got some kid in a minivan to drive us to the game, after we had walked a km and realised that there was no way we would make it by the start of the game, or even the 2nd qrtr.
So thanks to that kid.

Oh and advice. Try not to have your car break down on a sunday of a long weekend. Service options are very limited, and parts are non existent.
Needless to say my Car is sitting in Regina right now, and I took my Dad's gas gussling V8 truck home to s'toon.
Stupid car, prevented me from watching the 2 games today too.
Stupid Car

Go Riders

As for E Davis I agree, but lets face it he cant play forever...the guys name about the 2 missed intercepts is Rontarius Robinson the other guy Was Lee both were very agressive considering they are raw rookies and there first game.

Those two guys are a fine example of the talent that Roy Shivers can find. Which is why I still believe he would be a better player scout than a GM.

Sask had all the pieces in place at the start of the season (except for a QB), so it is no great surprise to see the team get it together. The only thing now, is how long can DB stand it before he goes back to his crutch - Barratt's unrelenting desire to play N Greene. Personally I don't understand it as Greene should have been traded a long time ago.

As long as Crandell can stay at the helm, the Riders have a chance. And no, I am not a big Crandell fan, but as you can see, I am definitly not a Greene fan.

Crandall you did it once in your career - you are now given a golden opportunity to do it again- please don't blow it...god only knows that DB will be quick to replace you; if for any reason but mainly his strange obsession with having N Greene as his number one QB.