Riders win

Great win boys. Great win Coach Austin. Sweet. Justice for the Lions and Jiminez.

Great game for Your guys and MY guys. Congrat's to the whole Rider organization. Finally a 'prairie fashioned' party time in Toronto. The locals will be wondering what the fuss is all about!

...think they have enough alcohol to sustain the influx of westerners?

wtg on the win riders. Nice to see both first place teams got shut out. Never before have the Riders played the Bombers in the Grey Cup. Gonna be a great game, just wish we had Kevin


That is so unfortunate about KG. It looks as though your back up (sorry not sure of speeling of name) did quite well under the circumstances. It should be a GREAT game!!!!

Congrats to the Riders & its fans. It could not have happened to a better team (after the BB of course). If we have to lose doing it to the Riders would be good. Perfect day.

Agree.. I pretty much said the same think in the main forum re: the sweet justice.

The Hit by Hunt on Clermont I think was the hit of the century.

GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!

Right on a Bomber and a Rider Grey Cup does it get any better then this, it's really to bad that Glenn won't be playing.

Poor Kevin he did not deserve this..I was always a big Glenn fan

I feel like I should start making perogies and cabbage rolls tomorrow! Looking forward to a stellar GC!

I was always a Nealon guy, but I feel terrible for KG...

Ya, I feel bad for Glenn too. That was (and I apologize in advance for this) a tough break. :oops:

After the Rider win, I was explaining to my wife (not a football fan) that the main quarterback of team that won the east game broke his arm and won't play next week. She said that should help the Riders then, but I said that while it might, I would have much preferred that Glenn be playing. First, he deserved it after what he gave that team, but also, I would feel better if (not when) we win that we won against the best the Bombers had to offer. But that's the way it goes in a physical, contact sport.

Yes its very unfortunate, I as well really like Kevin Glenn. Unfortunatley now the flamers (should we win) will say girl scouts could have beat them without Glenn. However Dinwiddie could be very dangerous, even though he isn't experienced in the CFl his college career is outstanding.

Congratulations to the Best team in the West. Defence won us a title last year, and it looks as if this year Defence will do the same for you. KJ was clearly the MOP tonight. Good luck in the All-Prairie-GC. Paint the town Green. Much Respect.

:lol: That's hilarious!