:thup: :cowboy:

WOW! The QUARTERBACKLESS Lions lose to the Riders even though 4 starters get injured and we have to use our 3rd string quarterback.
Lots of Rider Pride with this version of our RIDERS.
Gosh- the Leos are in trouble when they cannot win their home games at BC PLACE STADIUM against a 3rd stringer! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Again, how did the Stamps let Cates go?????????

What happened to Jyles? They were only down by four, and I didn't see an injury, when they put that #4 in.

That Flick injury was gruesome! Legs aren't supposed to bend that way...or in that spot!

Way to go Riders! You earned that win, (even though you dropped me to 0-8 in the VGCC!)

Jyles was ineffective, 2 picks, should have been 3, but Flick turned into a DB, and was hurt because of it. Durant(#4) was very good, he used his best offensive weapon--Cates. I would hope that Durant did enough to earn the start next week.

How bad is Crandell's injury?

Considering all QBs were pretty much inept last night and had nothing to do with winning the game I wouldnt even mentions QBs in any sort of discussion this week for both teams. An argument can be made that the QBs all did their best to lose the game, multiple fumbles and interceptions lol. Cates had a great game though and Wake gets a better deal, Premier of BC!

Two words:

Joffrey Reynolds

Glad to see Cates doing well. :thup:

Right now, I'm not sure I'd trade Cates for Reynolds straight up.

Hey turkey nuts... I know you don't know football but missing your two top o-lineman and eliminating your running game makes the QB look bad and the defensive coverage look aweful good.

We'll take this one on the chin and see where we are in September. I'm not worried but Riders fans sure are celebrating each win like it might be their last.

I know you riders guys luv your livestock and grade 6 is special but hello who gave you all your points and your win? uh das right um da lions! good! your wondering why lions play so bad and we wonder why sask riders legs snap like twigs? if you wanna celebrate a pathetic win like this …well lions will send you each a free coloring book everytime you beat the lions!

someone is jealous of us. Yes this is early, but we still are 4 pts ahead of you.

your wondering why lions play so bad and we wonder why sask riders legs snap like twigs
quality comment right there :roll:

I'd say it's about par for the course in a Turkey thread :lol:


  1. awful is spelled as I did not as you did.
  2. Who won the Western Final last year?
  3. Who was the home team?
  4. Who won the last Riders - B.C. game?
  5. Where was it played?
  6. Who are the current Grey Cup champs?

Riders Rule Again
Leos Drool
Peace brother, and, playing on the road in Winterpeg this wee, I'd be worried if I was a Lions fan!!!!!!!!!
Peace Brother!!

Yeah makes it hard on the qb when he doesn't have the supporting cast available to him.

Which is more of a challenge then:

  1. A starting quarterback playing with two missing starting offensive lineman.

  2. A 3rd-string quarterback who has to come in after the starter gets injured and the back-up is ineffective. 3rd stringers likely get NO REPS AT ALL IN PRE-WEEK OR PRE-GAME PRACTISE. HE COMES IN COMPLETELY COLD, UNTESTED AND LIKELY MENTALLY UNPREPARED AND PLAYS WELL ENOUGH TO WIN THE GAME!!!

I’d say the Lions quarterbacks are BIG TIME SUSPECT!!!

who gave you all your points and your win?


Luca Congi


Riders D on a forced fumble and recovery followed by a Jyles TD passs to Fantuz


Wes Cates buring the Lions for 30+ yards in two plays


The O-line that protected despite allowing 6 sacks


Some credit to the head coaches for play calling.

Why who scored BC’s points?

turkey is shootin his mouth off, as usual, but will he show his face around here next week after the ticats lay a beatin on the flick-less / crandell-less riders?....i think not.

i, for one, will enjoy the peace and quiet.

With writing skills like that, I'd say grade 4 would be special!

Here, I helped him out by writing his next post for him.

Should of made a headline the last 3 years that said LIONS WIN WITH 3RD STRING QUARTERBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I should have.