Sorry I was just dreaming but in my dream the riders do win Don Matthews jumps infront of the Rider bus and begs for a job as the new ball boy for the riders oh yeah the score ended up 23-21 Saskatchewan Roughriders!!!!!!

       OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Choke in the last second throw an int and lose!!!!!


Here's my prediction- Last play of the game McCallum has to kick a 20 yarder for a tie. He misses and gets more S*** dumped on his lawn.

Ouch Billy is not going to like you!

haha, i don’t think so either.

Any who will be fired if Edmonton loses?
Sask has shown they can win on the road in the playoffs. It won't be easy, but if they can get Czarka some touches, look out.

Tough game to watch as a Montreal fan for me. Love my team...but love the familiar underdog story as well. Guess I'll just be rooting for a great game.

I had a dream too. A bunch of aliens invaded the game and everyone got killed.

Its not going to happen.

and I thought that my topics were bad

I had a dream where Montreal won, but I'm not gonna waste space in it.

AP or one of my sick and unserious jokes (which I'm not doing anymore since I created a real firestorm with the last one) are more important.

I had a dream too.... Stamps made it by the Esks??? WHAT A JOKE

This post should be changed to.
Is it o.k. to type the word suck.Or will this post be locked.

Of course you can say suck...I don't believe it's against the rules. And..yes, the Riders did lose and I must admit..didn't play very well...but alas, we shall carry on and carry forward

...but....we got that rider pride :smiley: :smiley:

Geez, Saskargo, I know you augury about that topic, but let it go already, you got the last word in didn't you? and there are a lot of topics to dis the Riders on in this CFL forum.

Billy your still the hypocrite.
I never said I was gone for good.
Speaking of gone for good.How are those riders doing?
TO FUNNY!!!!!!


hopefully Winnipeg will CO and who knows, kill or be killed.

Banjo Bowl will be awesome next year, as the BBs take back there title.

SaskArgo, my dear friend,
Once you say you're gone for good, you lose all credibility when you return to trash a football team. They were unfortunate in their loss...but they lost and their fans are here to stand up for the "pride". Gotta respect that...so, either stay or go. Seriously, we're richer with you here but no more "yo-yo" act please.

And it's "too" funny...

saskargoOffline Status: Offline

PostPosted: Nov 13, 2005 - 05:30 PM
I'm not going to return.Just wanted to tell it like I see it.
Once again rider fans.I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!
I hope this is a kick in the pants for madmaxine and detor.THis loss id for you.
Congrats to all the ALS!!!

saskargoOffline Status: Offline

PostPosted: Nov 14, 2005 - 01:06 PM
Billy your still the hypocrite.
I never said I was gone for good.
Speaking of gone for good.How are those riders doing?
TO FUNNY!!!!!!

:? Did I miss something?

Like I said, Saskargo needs to let the whole locked toipc issue go

Also, look back at her Nov. 8 post "Btter things to do". I believe that was a well deserved farewell speech if I say so myself. I am also confused.