riders win,riders win riders win

this is a message to all thosr who said there is no way the riders would beat calgary, well guess what 6-0 baby.i believe the term is book it!! also i would like to take this time to point out that i went 4-0 on my picks this week. thank you riders rule!!!

Rob murphy in our lineup, and not losing our o-line in last years west final and you guys would have lost a game this year, and the west final.

Its a lot different losing guys in game then having them gone for awhile and having time to adjust. Besides a healthy dave dickenson without concussion syndromes would've destroyed you last year.

Well you didn't need to rub that in...

Mosaic's gonna be packed next week, Hank isn't gonna be able to hear anything!!

And why are the Lions fans still whining about last year's final, those guy's sucked because they weren't ready for us...and if memory serves Jackson AND Dickenson blew, SO THERE!!!

If he's played in US colleges i think he'll be just fine with an outdoor crowd of 28,800 which is like a quarter of what they have down there.

vanwhozitmacallit- I love guys who are full of could haves and should haves. It is really quite simple, read the scoreboard at the end of games. That tells you who won hence who was the better team that day. Your Lions lost- simple as that. My Riders won today with 10 times the injuries your pussycats had last year. Get over it.
CFL Rules
so do the Riders
Grey Cup Champs 2007
6-0 - 2008

LMAO, I think it's a tad past your bed time.

keep riding the wave! As twisted as this sounds I'm cheering 4 you 2 win until you face the Lions! because the sweetest win 4 us will be The Lions knocking the Green&White train off the rails! Respect your enemy's win's cause when you beat them the Win will mean so much more!

How IS that remedial English course going?

I hear this every year from Lion fans, the only team that has worried me has been the Stamps, Lions are not even on that list Riders dominate the Lions every year, so that match up is never an issue and when the mathup does come its one i look forward to and is usually a easy 2 points for the Riders. Lions have big problems right now you should be more worried about if they even make the playoffs, then if they will beat the mighty green machine :slight_smile:

...to the couple of lions fans that posted here, how does bottom of the western division feel a third of the way into the season?...

...I'm asking that not only to simply rub it in, but also to get an idea of how it really does feel in case I'm in the same place in a week or two...

The scariest thing is I think Turkeybend predicted this Western Division rankings, EXACTLY, before the season.

Would someone with fewer important things to do than me please go find that thread and post a link?

I'll look for it, I'm at work :wink: