RIDERS WIN ON GUTS AND PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:thup: :thup: :rockin:

How much more guts can a team show???? Another win with our 3rd string quarterback while we lose another outstanding player. Hope Fanzy recovers for playoffs.
Even if you are not a Rider fan you have to admire this team's ability to rally together despite so many, many, many injuries. Great half-time adjustments by the defence. Coach, you are truly a genius because the teams that make adjustments at the half and execute them are the truly best coached teams. Ritchie Hall I salute you and the other Rider coaches.! Now, we must adjust again to injuries, suck it up and try to win again as a group, not with individual stars. How inspirational is that!

Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know your team has balance when you lose Joeseph, Crandell, Durant and you still don't miss a beat with your 3rd stringer. I'm jealous.

They seem to have the QB depth that BC used to enjoy. Bastards. :slight_smile:

if every team in the league paid the refs off everyone would be tied lol

It will be interesting to see what will happen with Durrant getting injured. Solely because I want them to do well and keep winning, but I also want Durrant to take over the helm but that is a hard thing to do if Crandel continues the winning ways.

The scary thing is that the Riders are starting to look like the Lions of the past few years. That bodes well for the regular season but not so good for the playoffs. :lol:

Sour grapes how do they taste?????

I think that Sask. has so much depth and talent in other areas that they don't necessarily have to rely on a QB. Subsequently, they are able to rely on their strong running game, as opposed to a sub-par qb like Jyles.


Reggie Hunt? Do you mean Richie Hall?

You mean richie hall.

How in the hell can you get away with saying Bastards...yet you can't say Argos Suck.... ridiculous... also allowed are crap and ass... someone with twisted morals must run this site

They do remind me of the Lions of early last year, winning games while being for the most part unspectacular. I think the difference is that Rider fans aren't going to come and here and proclaim their backup QB's would be starters on most teams in the league (although Durant looked better than JJ in his limited time) :wink:


As much as this pains me....good job Riders. Have fun - you deserve it. Especially you turkey.

I was thinking the same thing. I think Tillman and the coaching staff have put together such a good team that as long as we have a decent quarterback, we will do well. look at it this way, we have had success with 4 different quarterbacks with 4 different styles. Thats not a fluke.