Riders win in Calgary- CFL at its best!!!!!!!!!!

:cowboy: :rockin: :D :D :D :D Wow- what a game and finish!!! This game illustrated to all some of the best features of the CFL game and its rivalries!! Coach Miller for coach of the year and Cates for league MVP. I told everyone that the Grey Cup will be a Rider - Ticat affair earlier in the season and most of you laughed - NOT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll save my insights until the new TURKEYBEND POWER RANKINGS later in the week.

About the Calgary vs. Riders game - here are some thoughts:

  1. The Rider fans were tremendous at creating an atmosphere and the Stampeder fans are generally respectful and alot of friendly bantering back and forth occured. In this game both sides had lots to cheer about!

  2. Only in the CFL can the last minute seem like 5 chapters in a novel with twists and turns that frankly were unbelievable.

  3. In the CFL special teams decisions are critical in close games. When to take a safety to protect field position vs. not giving up points, conceding kickoffs etc. all make our game great.

  4. Penalties add to the drama and excitement of games - certainly this was highlighted in this game and the Toronto vs. Bombers game with the time count violation on the game winning field goal by The argos!

The Rider win was tremendous and makes up for the lousy loss last week against the ESks. The Riders I thought were the better team on the day and should have won by more but mistakes and turnovers always balance things out. I am ashamed to say I did not think my Riders would win this one on the road believing instead that they could win a playoff game in Calgary later in the year when all the kinks were worked out. Coach Miller deserves kudos as do all the Rider players.

Riders Rule
Stamps Drool
Rider Pride Nation Wide
Riders in 1st Place again!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thup: :rockin: