Riders win guaranteed next week in BC

As I guaranteed hellothere in our bet that the Esks would win tonight, I also guarantee the Riders will win next week in BC.

Don't worry Esks fans, all you have to do is beat Calgary and first place is yours. Lose to them and only the EE are to blame for not getting first! Actually if you lose to Calgary you guys get third if Calgary also beats Winnipeg. First or third place comes down to the last game in Calgary. Win you got first, lose you got third. Go Eskimos!!

One question , why isn’t this in the RIDERS forum???

He's letting us esks fans know that we shouldn't worry. Go Riders!(next week only, and never again after that :slight_smile:)

Jee pennw still ignorant to anything non-Lions related eh?

Unreal - What happens if your guarantee doesn't go as planned?

I will apologize to every Esks fan for our team costing them first place, and change my name to UnrealEsks and cheer for them all the way through the western playoffs and through BC Place in the west final to meet my Riders in the Grey Cup.

That's a pretty cheap guarantee , you should put some guts in it. Like Saskargo did and maybe put LIONS RULE ! as your signature for a week if your Riders lose .

He is correct this is the BC lions thread here!

Whether the Lions win or Riders win is meaningless for my Riders. This thread is all to do with the Eskimos getting first place. BC is just a bump in the road on the way to the Grey Cup for the EE.

Does KK have a twin brother?

Unreal - can't back up your guarantee. Shouldn't talk the talk if you can't walk the talk even if you are a Riders fan cheering for the Esks.

After this weekend.
Lions 1 Stamps 2 Esks 3
Next weekend
Calgary 1 Esks 2
Lions 1 Calgary 2
Esks don't deserve to be in the final. Won too many games by questionable calls. Always have over the years.

Must be a WHINNY STAMPS FAN the way you’re talking.Lions on the down swing just like the ALS,ESKS-RIDERS cup final!!!

Riders need to go back to Nealon,Crandell's lucky streak is over.Greene is the better QB(I said that at the start of the year,its Nealon's year to win the Cup!!!).Run the crap out of the oppostion no matter who it is!!!!!!!!

Wow what is with these Rider Fans is this not the Edmonton section. If you wish to talk about the riders do it there!

eskies will do their part and demolish the lowly stumpeders, easily.

Esks to win the cup!! Even if the riders can't pull it off this week, it'll be fun to watch the esks toy with the stamps two weeks in a row!! The stamps are just practice for the west final!

Lions fans are annoyed because I don't give their team any recognition in this forum? They haven't beat anyone since August 27th other than Winnipeg. That speaks for itself. Eskimos and Riders for Grey Cup IN BC PLACE.

Actually you're just a plain goof who's obsessed because the Lions put your team out last year.

Ha ha ha Goof you give him credit!