riders win by default, bc cheats to win again

no surprise here, bc needs to cheat to win cause they cant win on their own. the 2 calls in the 4th were OBVIOUSLY fixed again, just like last years 2 meetings, just like every other game BC plays, bc sucks they have no skill they can only cheat. riders won this game fair and square and bc doesnt get the win cause they cheated and cheaters are losers, which the lions are. im gonna contact the cfl and get the lions loss up on the board, fair is fair, riders OWN the lions and tamed there cheating asses.


FUCK the lions and their cheating regime

PS: i wonder how much the lions are paying the CFL / refs to continue cheating and being on the lions side game after game? any ideas?

We need a few new smileys
Insert a smiley smacking himself in the forehead while rolling his eyes.
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Well put r01313, but cut Roy some slack will ya.

Why did i ever agree with lionbacker not criticize refs?... :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


slushie I think it’s ten bucks per official or something. I’ll ask Wally how much the officiating cost. By the way when you say the Riders tamed the Lions cheating asses, don’rt you mean UNTIL the Lions turned on them and bit the Riders losing asses?

Roy Shivers…He can’t complain publically or he’ll get fined, so it must be Roy comming on-line here!..LOL

now that you mention it he does seem rather Slushie don't ya think

I shouldn't be posting this because it just brings this topic to the top again BUT

All Rider fans aren't like this, we lost because we played poorly, made poor decisions, and took dumb penalties throughout the whole game (Penalties that were actual penalties).

SASK.........just blew this game out right....and I had picked them to win.......oh well.

This has been the worst season for reffing in a long time. Lets just use this week for example... The Calgary Toronto game, Toronto fumbled three times, and only one was actaully a fumble. And when Calgary fumbled on the interception, they almost called it back. Also Brashir Levingston getting drilled by 3 or 4 Calgary players with in 5 yards on a punt return and then the officials picking up the flag and saying "the player was pushed". In the Hamilton Winnipeg game that catch at the end was clearly a catch and by the Winnipeg Receiver, and the dumbass offcials change their minds after right before they whistled in the next play. I did not see the B.C/SSK game but by the sounds of it, it has been terrible. Simply pathetic. If we don't want to look like so kind of bush league, fire those refs.

LMAO !!! it is Roy....ummm Slushie I have been defending the Rider faithfull here for over 2 months and you come on here and post that drivel....ARRRRGGHHH!!!!
The only way to solve the reffing controversy game after game is Instant replay, ya it was the RIders turn to get burnt by the Refs but i wont use it as an excuse.

2 things

  1. I always wait for the winners to complain about the reffing because the losers well they are always looking for an excuse

  2. as for the no-yards call in the Toronto game he was pushed for sure. I was yelling why the flag he was pushed!!!!!!

I couldn't agree with you more........I was at that CALGARY and TORONTO game.....and I wrote the same thing.That Reffing was completely one sided........and awful........there were many more examples of bad calls and non calls..........hey , but we won. :smiley:

The strangest one to me was at the EDMONTON vs. the ARGOS game.......when the ARGOS got called for a PHAMTOM , "crack back block"........when the play only lasted about 1 second........there was no time, to even block.AVERY, just got hammered after a quick hand off.

The call at the end of the Winnipeg game was a complete joke , but it wouldn't have change the game out come. I watched the SASK , game and I have never seen " the centre moved the ball ahead " , call in my life. :lol:

But SASK........just blew that game all by themselves.

Ironically , things were supposed to improve , but it seems that they have gotten allot worse. :roll:

yeah, well maybe the one guy was, but what about the other 3? Levingston was surrounded by Stampeder players, and was tackled by more than one.

How about a smiley vomitting (puke greene).

Wow this is just pathetic it is rough being a rider fan this guy the worst I have ever seen. Move on game over BC won nothing will change Greene crying towel free! I feel bad for all the good rider fans but this guy forget it!

I agree with you there but maybe there is a rule that if one guy is pushed into the zone it negates all the rest. I checked the rules but could not find anything about it. There has to be a reason for it because it was obvious and I refuse to believe it was a plot by the refs