Riders Win But B.C. should be proud.

Wow. Does my head ever hurt!
Outstanding atmosphere at Mosiac (Taylor Field). Who says the regular season does not count for something.
Fans were unbelievable!!!
Great game. Great composure by Lulay under pressure all day.
Great comeback by the Riders in the 2nd half.
Great comeback by the Lions on the last drive. What a smart play sending one short, one long and one in the middle of the end zone on the Hail Mary throw. What a catch by Arsen. The Rider d-backs were right there and could not strip the ball away.
Dressler was outstanding all day. The Lions could not tackle him it seemed.
McCallum can still kick. Well done Paul.
And, to top it off hometown boy Claremont with the winning td.
Oh, there is a god up there and his name is Gopher!
Great effort against adversity by the Lions- hats off to Wally and the entire team.
Calgary here we come.
Watch out.

Rider Pride Nation Wide