Riders Win broken down.

:D :D :D :D

Riders did it again against Calgary. Wow!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:
Some key plays in the game:

  • Cates reviewed fumble.
  • Henry refusing to run?????????????????
  • Durant's first significant run when he ran over the STamps linebacker. Changed momentum of game.Opened up the pass after that.
  • Kock's catch - amazing.
  • Rider's interception- not Henry's fault it was a great athletic play and no way henry could have seen him- the play was actually very well set up by the Stamps.
  • recovered fumbled punt in the end zone- Play of the year.
  • Cate's key running at the end of the game.

Sad to point out but Henry is 0-4 against Riders in playoffs I believe. Would the Riders have been in the Grey Cup the last two years had Henry stayed in Saskatchewin ???? I wonder?

  • so nice to see the Rider players awknowedging the Rider fans at McMahon- high fives along the guard rails after the game.
  • Getslaff is a stud.
    Rider Prider Nation Wide
    Saskatchewan Roughriders Western Conference Playoff Champs Again. - I knew it all along as I kept telling folks! :wink:

Not bad for the 8th ranked team. :wink:

Let's not bring up TSN rankings again. Too bizarre to be explained.