Riders win 2013 Grey Cup

Congratulations to both teams -

Never thought I would see a rider cup win on home turf

...congrats Riders :thup: storybook ending to the season for the green and white....

Congratulations, enjoy.

Congrats Riders great year from start to finish :thup: :thup: :thup: See ya all next year!!!

Congrats Riders..........Great job

My congrads to the riders being the 101 champs. Hope my Bombers can get to the grey cup soon.

Great job by Durant, Sheets, the ferocious D and all of the Riders on the dominant grey cup run! THANK YOU!!!

Can't help but feel good for this guy;

i hope he gets a few more Rings before his playing days are done.


Congrats Riders,
Thanks to the Ticats, I wish you good luck next year, but this year its OUR year.

Pretty excited still.

How sweet it is - a win at home for our guys. Rock on Riders!

CFL and TSN/RDS were the big winners again. even in a game that was considered a blowout it drew a TV audience 4.5 million avg, 11.5 tuned in at some point in the game and the peak audience was 5.5 million in the second QTR.
It also was the most watched sports Broadcast of the year!
Going inot the Grey Cups in the immediate future will give TSN anhuge advantage in selling commercial space at a high rate and for the CFL to Sell Sponsorship space throughout the venue at prime rates for prime areas that will be seen on TV

For those of us who were not able to watch the actual Grey Cup game, where can one watch a full replay of the game. I really want to watch it!

Very Nice year indeed. Even better to rub it in living in Cow Town now. :rockin:


yes the Riders did indeed win the grey cup :)

Well around June 21 Big Dave may have the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge up and running. :rockin:

First pre-season game is over and done. :thup: Looking forward to a great year.

Now that the new season is starting, this is old news. Time to remove it from the "Announcements" section.

Ahhh, feels good to be able to trump a moderator. :lol: :lol: :lol: Let's lets get this thread back where it belongs. :wink: