Riders will win by a BANJO!!!


Instead of overtime, the CFL League commissioner has announced that in the event of a tie, there will be a DUELLING BANJO CONTEST at centre field between Troy Westwood and Eric Tillman! Winner take all.
I like the idea- can you imagine 60,000 prairie folk
prancing, ranting and raving at the music.
Toronto, the centre of their universe, WILL NEVER RECOVER AND BE THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CENTRAL CANADA DROOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

Troy is going up at halftime for a secret duet with Lenny Kravitz. Watch for the sickest duet since Eminem and Elton John.

Turkey, if thats the tie-breaker, then the Riders lose.

You better hope it doesn't go that far!

Yes Riders would lose because Westwood is a better banjo picker then kicker :wink:

Some one should bronze a banjo to present to westwood if the bombers win.

And while they play their banjos, the entire stadium will have a jigging contest,lol

Funny thing is, people in Toronto would think that's what daily life is like on the prairies. Playing football and banjos and jigging. That's all we do out here.

With a straw between your teeth! :wink: :wink:

…and ‘turkey in the straw’ has to be the jig…plunk plunk …plunk… :lol: goes somehing like this
…'all the men left to your cornors all… a dozi doe and a dozi…ummmm i forget the rest… :rockin:

Keep that up Papa, and Turkey will have you singing a duet with him on his Grey Cup Float! :lol: :lol: