Riders will select Ben Heenan

FYI Riders announced at the Dogs breakfast (for the U of S Husky's) that they will pick Ben Heenan today.

Hopson made the announcement... Poor Taman still stuck with a boss like that.

This guy is fast for a big guy at over 300 lbs, reading he does the 40 in 5.2. And strong as an ox. And very coachable. He'll be a super addition to any team that is for sure.

The riders are making the correct call. Take the BPA, especially if he's from your neck of the woods. Offensive linemen who can play for you for the next 8-10 years aren't that frequent.

Hopson goes to the Dog's Breakfast every year representing the Riders, you know because he is the President and CEO, and Ben Heenan is a Huskie. This was the perfect place to announce this. It had nothing to do with who was making the announcement and everything to do with who was being announced and where it was. Taman is in Regina doing his job on the Draft, Hopson is doing PR in Saskatoon, exactly how it should be.