Riders WILL RETUURRRN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats to the Stamps - You whipped us in your park, we whipped you in ours. You should win your home games.
I SUGGEST IF THE STAMPS GET DOWN BY A LARGE SCORE THEY QUIT. More intestinal fortitude with Rider players. A good win Calgary, enjoy it. Riders will RETURN!!


Rider Pride Nation Wide
Best fans in the Country

Really Turkey the two Eskimo games were the Stamps not behind in the 1st half that would tell me the Stamps are not quiters. It sure was nice having all those rider fans sitting on their hands by half time. It seems to me the rider fans by the way probably the best rowdiest fans in the league burned themselves out by game time. They and their team should show up by game time and save that energy for the game. Just my observation.

congrats redandwhite2005 - yur stamps gave us a lickin'. But, it is only won game won at home won victory won by the home team won in a whole season, won. The west is going to be a shoot-out the second half with the Esks back in it too. A great conference with great teams!! Stamps ruled yesterday, Riders will rule tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gobble, Gobble.

Thanks Turkey we will see!

Thats see Rider play BC and the Stamps play Hamilton.
This is pivotal for your team Turkey! This will tell us if your team is sliding into the Abyss. I hope the Stamps do not take the TCats to lightly as well.

Hopefully Bucky will be back for next week.

The sleeping giant has awoke! Giddy up! Riders were no match.

Too bad there both going to loose to the Lions first Saskabush then Stumpeders which I will be making the trek to Vancouver for to see in person...... GIDDY UP

Jackson will start and Pierce will be dressed and could see Backup duty if required.

Well i can guarantee Saskatchewans going to be in
a fowl(lol) mood....I heard Austin had them doing
laps around the field.

As for BC, is Wally silly enough to put Buck in this
soon......guess we'll see.

Tenderize them a little for us, would you Riders!!!

Turkey the title is sort of misunderstood here! Do you mean return where they have dwelled for many years! Third place!

Buck was throwing in practice last week. I hope we can be patient to let him properly heal. But he is there as an option.

Riders WILL RETUURRRN their rented DVDs today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe we can chat face to face then.

the riders will get killed every game from now on because edit and they can't run the ball

It seems we have a new kid on the block here! Finish your home work yet!