Riders will need to count on running game!

Riders will need to count on running game! Have the people. Cant they do it. Who will start at running backs.
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Riders fans shouldn't get discouraged after the loss to Hamilton, and you are correct, the running game of the Riders will need to step it up. The issue though, is Hamilton is currently the 2nd best defense at stopping the rush (currently at 89 per game allowed). Playing with a rookie QB, the Riders were left with either running the ball vs that kind of rush defense, or relying on the passing game of their rookie QB. The run got squelched, and made the Rider offense one dimensional.

The next game is vs Ottawa, which...well yeah...hit the panic button if you lose to Ottawa, but then Edmonton whose pass defense is great, but whose rush defense ranks 4th.

The other issue is Hamilton's record has been deceptive, mainly because the team has been riddled with injuries on the offense.

Look at this Depth chart vs Sask

[url=http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/ham/downloads/downloads/2014/09/ticatsdepth-sep142014091843.pdf]http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/ham/downloads ... 091843.pdf[/url]

Every single starter on that offense has been injured at some point this season, or is sub for an injured starter, with the exception of Bakari Grant, Justin Medlock, CO Prime and Sam Giguere. Except for the week one blowout vs Sask, every game has been a loss by 10 points or less, far more often less.

Then look at these stats


Hamilton is 2nd in Passing Yards Gained, 2nd in Rushing Defense, 3rd in total defense and 4th in total offense. The weaknesses though, 5th in Passing Defense (which Sask couldn't exploit with a rookie QB) and 6th in Rushing (because we are a very pass happy team with our starting RB injured twice this season).

Not sure in Dino is your guy, but hopefully these next two games will let him establish a groove while he has better run support, because Calgary is the team to beat.

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Since Saskatchewan is now 9th in passing yards, there should be more reliance on #1 run attack. However this is more likely to work against weak run defenses. Opponents could just focus on stopping Saskatchewan's running without much worry about Sunseri's passing. CFL is mostly a passing league and Saskatchewan needs to improve its passing. Offense, defense and special teams have all been average.

or what? don't leave us hanging man!

The Riders need balance.

Running the ball opens up the pass, and passing the ball opens up the run. When you have the lead late, you run to help grind down the clock. When you are behind late, you pass to try and gain yards quickly before you run out of time. How you do this is what the gameplan is for.

This is offence 101 in a broad nutshell.

If you rely on one over the other, it was mentioned in a previous post that you become one dimensional, and therefore, predictable. Once predictable, it is advantage defence.

or what? don't leave us hanging man! Bring in a veteran QB as backup, who becomes the starter in playoffs.
Totally motivates the team for a great playoff run. Happens every second year.
Lets see! It would be a blockbuster traded for sure. They are working on it for sure!

.... the Riders need to tweak their offense to compliment Sunseri's game... meaning to simply the offence, after one failed try they abandoned the screen pass, but if they had tried it a few more times, it would have succeeded, because that play was there for them... that would have taken the LBs off the LOS, thus opening the running game... the Riders tried to run an offence that was built around DD with Sunseri, and you saw the results...

The weakness of relying on the run game too much is it will all go out the window if you are falling more and more behind in a game. The run alone or the majority of your plays won't help you in such a scenario. If you get the lead and keep up great defence it can work, but not if you are behind especially later in the game when you have no choice but to loft it up. Until Sunseri or some other Sask QB puts a bit of fear in opposition defences with some semblance of a passing game, they are just going to stack up the box and stuff the running game like Hamilton did last weekend. Not every defence is weak against the run like the Bombers are currently. I really am amused at these Durant haters constantly. You really don't understand what you have until you lose it! Probably Joe Montana or Doug Flutie would be almost run out of town with such ridiculousness too! :wink: :smiley:

Note to the Bombers: Get some BIG beef in the middle of your D-Line or be prepared to continue to be run over! :wink: Having versatile and quick defensive ends and linebackers is fine, but you need some big boys in the middle to clog things up for the running game and open rushing lanes for others. Not sure why they continue to be stubborn about this weakness when EVERYONE is taking advantage of it.