Riders will finish 9-9, lose in West Semi-Final....

but I guess that is good enough for some, and they will say we are "developing a great quarterback, like we have been for the past two years and we will be saying for the next 2 years if we still have Durant. Hopefully Tillman will wake up from his slumber and wave goodbye to DD, KM, and PL.

mhmmmmmmmm this guy is bang on lol!!!! Terminator im starting to like you man!!!!! haha maybe only a little bit

Three game losing streak and he is bang on.

Anything is possible.

The problem with Term's post on this one is that he is insulting the coaching staff for "developing" a good qb.

Darian Durant is two years in. We are developing him. The fact is, he is developing quite nicely.

Pobody's Nerfect but Durant and the Riders are doing their job just fine by me. I am entertained, and that is why I watch Football.

Anyone still actually taking this jackass seriously???

Terminator hasn't been seen in weeks..

No, he only shows up when Riders lose.

terminator will eat his words once again, let me see Durant 13 -6 and 1 as a starter? yeah Riders should look elsewhere, not a very bright football mind i would say :roll:

terminator is already eating his words riders are 9-6-1 impossible to finish 9-9

yeah really! LOL

Are you really a Rider fan, or just a troll who likes to stir things? If you are a Rider fan you have to be the worst one in the history of the team! If you are in fact a troll why don't you come out of the closet and let us know which team you do support? Perhaps you're a very frustrated Argo fan.

trust me Ron, Terminator has sworn up and down he is a life long rider fan, so its best to just ignore him all together seeing as he hasn't been around in about 4 weeks, ya know since the last time the riders lost.

Hey, he's like the inverse of RLR from the main forums....

they wont lose the semi final because they wont be playing in it


you know I kinda like Terminator!
A.It was my favourite childhood movie!
B. Its very entertaining reading what he says then Reading you guys have a nervous breakdown ha haha :stuck_out_tongue: id LOVE to see him be a cats fan! GO KEVIN GLENN!:stuck_out_tongue:

We'll trade him to y'all ... real cheap! :wink:

I actually hated the terminator when i first came in here but im starting to warm up to the guy hes pretty friggin funny sometimes and hes fun to get riled up!!!!!