Riders whup Stamps

It was sweet. Rider's D-fence is turning into a ferocious unit and gave Burris and stamps a beating on the green cement of Taylor Field. The offence is getting better, but still needs work. Why was Copeland grinning after dropping two balls at the end of the 3rd quarter and the Stamps are giving each other high fives? Weird. If Copeland catches either they are back in the game.
I liked that Dorsey got some more carries at the end, he runs well, but needs to hold onto the ball!!!
Joseph looks great overall, Burris looks shaky, second bad week in a row. Will McManus start now? Lots of questions in Calgary, while all is good in Riderville :thup:

Saturday's game will tell us a lot about these two teams! Any predictions? I say:

Riders-34 Stamps-20

The Riders are far from where I would like to see them. I would rather see a Rider team that can handily beat up on teams any day of the week.

I cannot wait to see what happens next week. If the Riders win then they have the season series and that is all that matters at this point of the season because they dont play Calgary again in the regular season after next week.

Well you all know what happens when we get our hopes up.....Personally I cant seeing beating the Stumps twice especially now on there home turf..but then again i was never much for predictions... lets hope I am wrong :slight_smile:

19-9 does not a beating make

....actually ro I think a beating is correct.....mainly based on the fact that the Sask D did not allow the Stamps a TD in the game, all 9 points were off DeAngelis FGs...