Riders were smart to unload Henry!!!!!!!!!


Henry looks like an anchor for the Stamps. He will be back-up shortly. Riders were wise not to outbid the Stamps for his services way back when. Kinda sad seeing ole Henry dissolve. He did have a nice smile.
Riders Rule
Stamps Drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe they are paying him $400k. Who do they think he is, Ricky Ray? I guess Shiv was right after all, not to offer Burris more than $310k to stay in Regina. Mind you Sask ain't got much better.

Invader, you are forgetting that the Riders beat the Stamps in Calgary in the Western Semi-Final destroying the myth that Henry made the right move and that Calgary is the better team. The Riders went further in the playoffs than the Stamps-- FACTS ARE FACTS!!! Even last night with the Riders playing mediocre and not putting the ball into the end zone - the Stamps cannot beat the Riders and they pay Henry all that money- SHAMEFUL for the loyal Stamps fans who deserve better!!
STAMPS DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:lol: :lol: You boys are funny. The fact your team managed one TD should be a concern for you. Yes Hank is playing like he does not want to be a number one QB and if he does not get it together soon he just might be a backup. I see you two are still missing the best QB you guys have had in the past 18 years.

...Akli Smith should be the starter pretty soon....while happy-feet Henry goes to back-up.......wonder how Burris is going to like that ....he'll be a good 2nd stringer though..... :wink: :wink:

...thing is turk, when Hank is hot he is an offense moving machine, when he is not he reeks...last year what were we to do? put in McManus?!?!...shyeah, right....now when Burris is playing like manure Smith gets the nod, and we win, yay!....thanks for your concern though, I'm touched (sniff).....

You might be overrating Akili a touch.. Calgary did not get those points until the Riders took all their starting DBs out of the game.. only real "vet" in there was Ruiz. Easy pickings for any QB. Calgary left most of their starters in until the last series, just something to think about before you get too worked up about Smith. No doubt he is a good QB, but lets see how he does when the games count and playing against a team's 1st stringers before we really assess how good or bad he will be.

McManus would have done a better job in the playoffs than Burris. Look at McManus's playoff record. Your coach should have pulled Burris earlier in the playoff game. Ineffective then, still ineffective. Oh Henry Oh No!!!
Riders Rule the Stamps Again
Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!

Now turkey there you go spouting off. McManus record no problem but when a guy is in the twilight of his career he should have retired a year before. I find it funny that you are so concerned about a QB that has traditionally owned your team every time he played you (see Hank Burris su_cks t-shirts). So he played crapping in a preseason game and you wish to forget those momments right. Thats see the score was 44 -18 for Calgary yes how we forget. ANd I am sure your reply will be something to the effect that the western final was in favor of the Riders and that will go down in Prider history now won't it. Because your team wins a game it is historical. I guess if I was a rider fan that would be something for me to brag about. Like Larry has said 1989 is a long time right. Where you around for that or even remember what it was like to win the game! I mean seriously what has it been 19 years with out a home playoff date. Either you team was that bad for long or (excuse built in) they did not wish to hhost a game. I think they played that badly for that long. But hey you want to look back in time it is not pretty for your team. By all means be happy but it will not be long before your team hits the same level.

I agree. Henry, when he is on, is probably one of the best in the league, and now you have what appears anyway, to be a good backup for when he faulters. What I would be concerned about, and this not to imply that the Riders don’t have their share of question marks, is your defense. With all the money being put almost exclusively into your offense, it may be necessary to score at least 50 points a game to make up for the defense’s lack of ability to stop a drive… that is assuming other teams are more efficient at getting those last 15 yards =) I still think Calgary will be in contention again this year. I hope the new look Riders will be as good all year as they seemed to imply in the preseason. Only time will tell and I am pumped that it is CFL time again.

Go Riders!!

Dr Rise good post. I believe the defense will be okay once the season starts. The offense they had a few guys they need answers for on the oline so they were changing combos all night. As you can tell the running game was non existant now I am not sayin the rider defense did not do a good job they did. But what you see is maybe not what you will get in two weeks time. That is another thing the coaches after the game stated they were not going to show anything this game because they will be playing your team in two weeks (excuse) could be but it does make since. I remember two years ago in preseason where Copeland got the ball and through atouchdown on a tick play and many rider fans made big statments of how stupid to use htese plays in preseason. So now they do not and well you see the results. The score could have been a run away but notice the scored ended flattering the Stamps some what. The problem is our defense did well in the red zone. The offense sputtered under Hank. So you see this game has provided answers for the coaching staff. And come game time in two weeks you may see a different game.

Who was this that told me, Kent Austin was on the Radio explaining the offensive redzone game plan?

Austin said something to the effect of . . . We didn't want to do much offensively in the redzone because we wanted to limit the amount of footage Montreal gets to view.

Oh, and i was at the Rider game in Taylor Field when we lost to Hank and the Stamps 44-18. I was pumped to see D-MAC come into the game in the 4th quarter. He even manged to engineer a TD drive.


Well it may be true that Austin wanted to hold the play book somewhat but surely they could use other plays to get into the red zone. It did not stop the stampeders with their second string QB. And I believe Higgens said the same they would use very little of their play book because in two weeks time they would be playing the riders. But that just seems pretty dumb to me for both coaches to say that. First are they not going to be playing games before they meet up again? And will there not be game film.

By the time Akili was in there, it wasnt first string D anymore buddy... I will say this, I was very impressed with him tho, I love how he made henry look bad :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

...ah yes, the inevitable 'second string defenders' explanation.....so predictable, yet so early in the year.....

Well, given that most of the DBs that Akili was scoring on no longer play for the Riders, I think it is a fair enough qualifier....
Akili also did not face the same pressure from the back-ups on the line or at LB as Hank did. And I believe the Stamps pretty much played their starting o-line most of the game (Carm said they only dressed 7 linemen).

But overall, I thought Akili showed some promise.

Trust me 05, you wont be hearing me saying anything about 2nd and 3rd stringer when it actually counts, but in preseason you can always tell... And Arius your right

yeah, and i like how arius added in the part

Well, given that most of the DBs that Akili was scoring on no longer play for the Riders, I think it is a fair enough qualifier....

...okey dokey jm02....

...wha?? Why did I get dragged into this??