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Hi Y'all

Who here has been to the Riders Webpage. You have to pay money to see the whole website. I don't think any sports team in the history of the world has done this. I don't like it. You know I be for it if they even had a "buy anything at our online store and get a free subscription to our website", but come on.

You’re right.

I’ve been to hundreds of web sites for football, baseball, and hockey teams, and I’ve NEVER seen one where you had to pay to get in.

…only time I have to pay to get into a web site is when I go to…well, never mind.

Colossal error in judgment, a true CFL trademark when it comes to dealing with their fans.

Didn’t the Riders do this last year too? Amazing that they’d continue to do it in spite of all the gripes they got!


Gota pay shivers some how, maybe he gets a commission, what a joke!

BOOO !!!

Such a scam.

We own the team, and yet can't even use the website. Figure that one out.

It's because they're so bloody insecure that they don't want any fans from other teams infiltrating their Gopher circle jerk.....

It's a top secret website, they don't want us to know that Nealon can only throw 15 yard passes.

Shhhh, don't let the secret out!

The problem is that it's (in my opinion) the crappiest CFL team website out of em all. It looks like it was made by some amateur. And you still need to pay. I guess modern technology hasn't caught on in Saskatchewan yet.

yeah, gainer has this wheel he runs on that powers most of saskatoon

I say the pay thing sucks as well, l dont know what they are thinking except to try and profit off the Rider masses.
As for the crappiest Website? You must be from Winnipeg Milkman,
if you are ,your critisizing everything about Sask is laughable at best... and yes I have been to Winnipeg on several occasions.
Why dont you concentrate on talking football, after all thats what the website is all about.

:? :? :? :lol: :lol:

Yeah. I have kind of gone off track. My apologies to all Saskatchewaners

Actually, hasn't this whole pay for full access to Riderville.com been around for a couple years? I remember trying to get some info about the GC in Regina in 2003 before greycup2003.com became available and they were trying to get me to pay then.

The Bombers site is kinda basic, but hopefully this won't be the case when they release the GC site for the 2006 game, but I've been wrong before...

[url=http://www.riderfans.com]www.riderfans.com[/url] way better site anyway

Thank you Milkman your gracious apology accepted. BTW Good luck against TO hope you guys knock them off.