Riders wanted Vick over Young

Apparently the Riders had their sights set on Michael Vick before signing Vince Young.

[url=http://leaderpost.com/sports/football/cfl/saskatchewan-roughriders/riders-wanted-vick-over-young-report]http://leaderpost.com/sports/football/c ... ung-report[/url]

Never mind turning over every rocks. The man is digging graves.

...I voted for the third option, but not because i have anything against those players...I think either of those guys makes the riders a somewhat better team, and I want all the teams in west save the team I cheer for to not become better teams, by any increment...

Vick pre-prison would have been alright...not so sure now. Young actually looked pretty good in the mini from what I saw...a mini is a iffy sampling of course, but no matter what the name on the back of the jersey IMO he would have earned a camp invite from most teams for how he showed. The real shame was that Heaps looked pretty good but is now back with the Seahawks. Bennett looked like a guy to watch as well though in all honesty. I know a few Bomber faithful have spoken fairly well of him and I am not saying he is ready to lead a team but he seems to be a prospect worth looking at further. He was the best QB out there to start off but tapered a bit as the D got in rhythm and other QBs warmed up. Seems to have a cannon of an arm. What was most impressive about VY was his longball...man he has an arm.

I have a feeling that Michael Vick has problems getting a passport.

I call BS on this.

" A source :roll: close to Jones "
No need for a workout :lol: .

Even Chris Jones would not stoop this low.

That piece of garbage would never be welcome in any CFL community.

Agree. This article reeks of bullpoop and considering it comes from Dunk who has shown in the past he has no aversion to just making crap up further adds to the stench.


I voted Vince Young.

I still say his big hurdle to overcome is his years of playing absence.

That rust thing.

However, he still deserves a chance to succeed or fail.

I 100% believe he showed interest in him...so what. There were likely other as well. I think Vick is too broken down to cut it but anything near his prime he would be an interesting player in the CFL.

Depop...how much money did CJ save by moving away from DD you think?

Oh boy. The people of Sakatchoowan have had to hide their daughters and their wives, we going to have to add hiding their dogs to the mix ?

Depends on what they would have signed him for and how you compare the structures really. 100k for sure. Glenn can make up to pushing 300 (285 I think it is) if he hits everything...realistically he probably doesn't break 260. Durant would have been 350-400. It was not a massive massive savings (well...100k in the CFL is a big deal I guess) so much as 80k signing bonus vs 200k signing bonus demand. The potential savings there if you have durability concerns are significant though as that is a potential portion of 120k that can land on the 6 and not the cap...+40k for a single 6 game stint. sp lets take 375 @ 200 bonus vs 260 @ 80...
375-200 = 175
260-80 = 180
so basically the same "pay to play" so they save basically on injury concerns + 120 in bonus...bonus was always the hurdle in signing him of course. If either is injured it is a 10k a game cap hit (or grace if on the 6), of course if you count the bonus it is really roughly 21k per vs 14 (2/3rds the price). It all comes down to the impact of that bonus more so than total salary and contract difference.

If you want to add Vince and Glenn together...honestly it is about even. 200 for VY + 260 for KG...460...DD would be 400 + a backup. that is of course not looking at 6g IRL at all.

It would be great if you would just stop with the trolling you're doing. And while you're at it, perhaps spelling the Province name correctly, but of course you don't have the class to do that. "Obviously".

I agree with this, It is extremely difficult to dispute it.
Neither Glenn or Young or Vick are better than Durant and really no potential younger QB's in the future to take over, If this is the best Jones can come up with, It is a big fail.
It is longshot possible for Glenn to have a good year, but he is 38 next month and Young has not played a down of CFL football

[i][b]"It all looks like the Roughriders, when they dumped Durant, had no plan in place to replace him. They truly are scrambling around, making high-profile moves that, at best, are longshots to succeed.

They should have kept Durant."[/b][/i]

[url=http://cjme.com/article/1237459/darrell-davis-our-listeners-know-best]http://cjme.com/article/1237459/darrell ... -know-best[/url]

My post had nothing to do with him being too broken down to cut it or in his prime.

It had to do with the guy not being worth the dirt he will someday be under.

Even Jones knows he would not be welcome in the CFL.

Until " writers " start naming their sources, they should stay quite.

Vick is a dog killing scumbag ... so, BIG NO.

People like Jones will force us to invest in a wall.

Well it looks like all the future qb's that Jones has been supposedly turning stones over to find are jumping ship faster than you can blink an eye at . Jake Heaps is the latest one as he has signed on with the Seahawks immediately after the Riders mini-camp finished . Jake Waters was the first to leave to take up a coaching position at Iowa State . Next G.J. Kinne announced his retirement to take on a job opportunity in the real world . With the three defections the Riders are now looking at going into T.Camp with the prospects of having a much travelled 38 yr old Kevin Glenn , the "Haven't played in 6 yrs" soon to be 34 yr old Vince Young , the relatively inexperienced and raw Brandon Bridge and the unknown and unproven Bryan Bennett as their quarterbacks for this upcoming season . Yikes , if this is Jones idea of a plan , well good luck to him on that . Better keep turning over a few more stones there Jonesie in your search for "the next one" because it seems as fast as you're signing them up the faster it is that they're leaving town.

You got to admire Sakatchewan media and the majority of their fans (Not the misfits sent here from Riderfans).

They are livid and with good reason. The Green Zone yesterday. Was very revealing. The Reynolds interview in particular where he was juggling around answers like a Cirque du Soleil acrobat.

The Jake Heaps situation is an interesting one.

He took part in the Riders recent mini-camp, and as we have learnt all participating players have to be under contract.

Yesterday out of the blue we learn Heaps is back with the Seahawks, yet was not on the list of Rider cuts.

So is this another fine mess Jones has gotten into?