Riders vs Wynn

...whatever happened to the ol girl Kanga...did she retire voluntarily from the board....maybe the raising of that young one is taking up most of her time...kind of miss her more spirited posts.... :lol: :?

she wanted to be banned, so they banned her, yet she came back as Moisa or something, don't know if that name is still going though.

That name was also banned.

banned....they cant ban her, she has tenure, is nothing scared anymore, an original member of the forum, shame on you pm.....


class....maybe night school, but nobody ever said she was an angel.

Class I think she skipped them!

Nah, after the way she was carrying on, she needed to go.

She is likely on the CFL Zone or some other forum now annoying the heck out of the Rider fans there.

kettle? Meet 'Black'....

thats kettle meet pot

AND you to can

I'm relatively glad you have some kind of recognizance...good for you. As for your message...have no idea what the hell you mean...rather charming for a mod though, wouldn't you say?

"KMRCA"...care to elaborate?

You have no no idea what it means yet you feel it is inappropriate for a mod!


As for what it means
Figure it out for yourself!!!

You really are retarded, aren’t you?

That’s right, continue to communicate in code…you might actually make sense that way.

How do you know its inappropriate if you don't know what it means?

Explain that!!!!

Be very afraid ro, if he figures out what it means , he may actually want to do it!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I can just picture it now: ro as the forum's answer to Vince McMahon and his KM(RC)A Club. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I got it!, he is talking about the Korean Moto Race Car Association! :lol: