Riders vs Wynn

Assume that Wynn is going to start at QB for the Argos on game on Sat vs the Riders. Who is going to win and by how much?

Rider by a hair, oh boy, I wish Saskargo was still here to talk smack about this.

i dont.

just to see her get so burned that see has to become a rider fan for a week. :lol:

riders 31-20. the D will play ok but the riders O is going to open up a 14 point lead and then you are going to see the green and white prove two things:

1 - that they still have the best running game in the league

2 - KK still has a lot to give, i am calling for a 100+ game

Gumby comes in .... q4 and gets the Argos a win

I doubt Keith will get that much playing time. I would guess that Dorsey will continue the #1 back role. I believe that Keith's days are numbered (less than a month or two). As per the poll, it will either be Riders by a hair or another huge blowout in the favor of the Argos.

Riders have a history of making a back-up look like a world beater, but I think the D will show up this game, so I think the Riders will win by 7-10 pts.

Could very well be, but i cant see them sticking with him last week and taking him to BC, dressing him and giving him a couple reps only to phase him out. It would have been so easy to suspend him last week, or not dress him since he missed 2 practices, in a short week, do to "illness"

the only reason they might have done that was so they have a capable back up who has taken reps with the first unit.

also i think there is no chance the riders release him this season since they wouldnt want him to pop up on another team and bite them in the a$$

personally i think he will start on saturday, and i think that DB and RS have made it clear that if they are going to put up with his off field distractions he better start putting up the numbers he is capable of or else!

as for dorsey i did see anything last week that tells me he has even close to the same talent that KK does.

I picked the Argos, their defence and special teams will win this one for them.

KK is a terrible RB, he gets nothing done on the field and is a complete distraction off the field. He is a wasted piece of flesh and should just be let go.

The Riders will win with Dorsey as the #1 RB and the Argos will lose because they are just brutal.

Riders by a touchdown, Although the Argos are due for a win. Hopefully its an exciting well officiated game.

Looks like the riders are a huge favorite. After 26 votes, 20 say the Riders will get the “W”

I don;t know...I think the score will be kinda low.

[i]RIDERS[/i] 28 -Toronto 14 :wink: :rockin:

Riders only hope of beating TO is if Wynn plays.

the only hope the eskimos have of beating the bombers is if they fire the head coach :lol: :lol: :lol:


Ive got roughriders by 10

Now is a time where I’m glad that Saskargo is gone, because oh boy! she would be yakking about this Argo’s win for years!!!