Riders vs Winnipeg

Just terrible football... Atleast the flags are staying off the turf.. Messam is a mess... This game is still 3-0 if Messam knows how to fall on a ball

Thank you and Chief.

Might depend on the provider but Rogers has tennis on TSN 2 and football on the other 4

Great catch by the veteran Bagg

Wasn’t that Smith chasing the bad snap and letting the ball get away? Regardless he seems to be the primary rusher - so far.

Thank you. I was able to find it on TSN3.

Riders' Dressler with the TD - negated by a penalty - AGAIN???? Come on Riders - play smarter than that!!

What a brutal call.

Nope, just a brutal penalty.

Riders go from an almost-TD to a FG from what? - about 25 or 30 yards? Ouch. That's called beating yourselves.

Will say that Winnipeg's D has been pretty ramped up so far and making it tough on Smith.

What a return by the Winnipeg kid Demski.
This guy has the potential to be something special. And he's a National to boot

No flags? Phew TD Riders!!!

Big punt return by Demski - game tied at 10 each. YAHOO PRAIRIE DEW

Punt returned for the TD by Demski!! Good for him - except maybe holding the ball out before he made it to the goal line. That's almost tempting fate!

Tie game all of a sudden. :thup:

What a brutal call.
Nope, just a brutal penalty.
How so? I saw a defender grab the riders head - he pushed back - the wrong player got the penalty - it should have not been a call , or both should have been called. How is it a brutal penalty? When the Riders head was grabbed what should he have done?

Have to check for flags on almost ANY return TD - unfortunately. :frowning:

When was the last time a Canadian returned a punt or kick for a touchdown? That's almost exclusively an American position in the modern era.

Want to change your mind again?? :lol:

Mhmm. You guys know all about that unfortunately

You’re right - had’t thought of that. Lots of Canadians playing on STs but VERY rarely as a returner. Giguere did a bit of returning at times for the Ticats but never had big gains.