Riders vs Winnipeg

Not that I’m expecting a win on sunday but, if the Bombers do happen to pull off the upset, they’d be in the playoffs…

Just how bad are some teams this year?

Also Pablo Cruz/Paolo X

This is a huge game for the Bombers. They need to keep pace with BC.

This is a nothing game for Sask as the loss to Ottawa basically eliminated them due to the x-over. However, I'm not sure that the Riders know that their season is over and may not play like it.

The best opportunity for the Riders is today to end the losing streak, a Bomber win today at Mosaic could make it very tough for the Riders to Win anytime soon.

Riders are in a do or die mode at halfway point in the season but a win today would sure put the team back on the right track and give this team some much needed confidence moving forward.

The battle of who sucks less. I got my bowl of popcorn. Let's hope we don't end up with a score of 5-3.

I'm assuming most people are like me and not really expecting too much from this game. Yet I have this funny feeling - and I have no idea why - that this might end up being a fun exciting game.

Here's hoping my funny feeling is right.

In this TOILET BOWL game I predict the Riders will crush the pathetic Bombers 30 to 6.

Get out your paper bags Bomber Fans in this is going to ugly

seeing as tho we will be watching the two worst Ds and seeing as how sask has been able to put of some points. Its not too likely to be low scoring, but then again…

It’s 3-0 Bombers

Betcha neither team cracks 50 yards of total offence in the first quarter.

TD Winnipeg after the blooper Rider play - 10-0 Blue Bombers lead

Is this professional football or what? Come one Riders snapping a football 5 yards isnt hard.

Can I change my pick to Winnipeg, please?

That’s being foolish I say.

What the heck was with that throw by Smith? :roll:


Why am I seeing Serena instead of the CFL game on the TSN stations in Southern Ontario?

TSN 3, Kevin

43 and 14. Called it. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ve been mixing their feeds all weekend. TSN was showing basketball on channel 30 on Thursday. Had to go to 494 to see the CFL game. Same thing today.

Well if the poster who predicted a 37-10 win for the Riders is going to be right, then Bombers have already scored all the points that they’re going to score and it will be all Riders for the rest of the game! :lol:

Ah I see that they got Chevy into the game but he falls short on 2nd and 8. Needs more space to run.