Riders vs Winnipeg

Rider excitement in a curious way is getting the first win of the season. Here we GO Riders, here we GO.

I agree and think this could be the first win coming for the Riders. I said it before first win Sept 6/15 @ home to Winnipeg but where you go from there is anyone's guess?

I'm sure once you get Kevin Glenn back at QB your opportunities for success will increase but he is still a couple of weeks away apparently, so Smith or Sansari to fill the void until than and maybe get a win.

If the Riders are ever going to win a game this year,this is the game for sure. I’ve got a strong feeling that the Riders finally put it all together in this one and give the Bombers a good spanking. Now that the team has said goodbye and good riddance to that “Great Coach” :roll: I think you’ll see a change in attitude and a renewed vigour unlike the last game where they virtually tanked and quit in the 2nd half on that “Great Coach” :roll: The team will come out to play for their new coach and win this one going away.

Prediction time
Lets say…


Riders win easy . This will be a yawner . Brohm is ineffective and Davis hasn’t played a down of professional football . Winnipeg’s Def is the only hope to keep this some what close .

Definitely the Riders first win, I don't think that Brohm will move the Bombers at all, they are going to be like the Als and Tanner Marsh last night.

Looking to see more of Brett Smith for sure, as for Sansari; he’s been released - poof as in gone bye bye.

I don't think this game, a battle of the cellar dwellers, will be a route for either team than wins the game.

I think this game will be fairly even…but a terrible game. The Riders are as undisciplined a team as there’s ever been so look for lots of dumb penalties but the Bombers are just bad and quite listless from what I’ve seen this year. Riders might win their first but it won’t be by much if they do.

I initially laughed at this prediction. Sask with Brett Smith outscoring what Mitchell and the Stamps could against our D? Preposterous. Then I remembered Brohm is starting and with all the pick-6’s he throws maybe you’re not far off.

Sadly I think the Lions-Als game was a precursor to what we’ll see - light on the offense, lots of turnovers with the D’s responsible for a lot of the points scored, and a lot of pissed of fans.

This game is always a no brainer, even without looking at the records, you take the Riders.

I’m just hoping we win back in Winnipeg. Bombers have no chance with Brohm at the controls.

Brian Brohm = Max Hall…Another washed up has been Ex-NFLer that was always a never was that would never be. I’m just not sure which one of these two soup cans is(was) worse. You might win back in Winnipeg in the back end of this home and home but only if the Bombers have someone,anyone but Brohm at the controls. My prediction is this game might just be the last time you see Brian Brohm in a Bomber uniform. I’m predicting a split in this series, the Bombers win at home in the 'Banjo Bowl" but get hammered this week in Saskatchewan.

The 2015 Grey Cup champs get their first win of the season in a route. :cowboy:

Don’t insult Max Hall. He threw for 9 TDs at least and he was addicted to painkillers. Brohm has 0.

Brohm has zero painkillers? :slight_smile:

well, there is the problem then

Maybe Brohm has been saving his TDs up. Maybe he’ll throw for 9 this game. :lol:

I’d like to rant and rave at your negative view of the Bombers but unfortunately I agree with you.

Well, he through 3 out of his 5 passes vs the Stamps right into the turf. Our receivers are just too tall for him to be that effective.

Depending on which team loses or if perhaps they both just play badly, though of course I am hoping always for a good game, I think we will all win in reading some of the funny, if not also angry, commentary like those by Bobo and FYB.