Riders vs Toronto

Riders looking to go 8-6 - Argos are also looking to do the same....should be a good tilt.
Double Blue coming thru in waves...........Lets go Argos

They should have had Dressler stand on a box for that interview in sidelines. :lol:

Big romp for West on the opening kick-off to the Argo 22 yard line - leads to FG ...3-0 Sask.

Saw that and laughed. I think he might even be shorter than Ben Cahoon. Weird sideline interviews today. The one with Anwar Stewart during the Als game was just bizarre.

oh man, Jarious swings it out to completely the wrong uniform. That would have been fun.

All three aspects of the game are going solidly Green right now. Riders are really turning it on late-season. Perfect timing.

Argos had the Riders stopped - Toronto DL player right hand in the neutral zone :thdn:][ Rider TD Willy...10-0 Riders

Exchange of FG's.......Argos back in it with TD Riggs from Jackson - 13-10 Riders lead.

What the heck? I step out for 20 minutes just to manage the country and suddenly the Argos realized they're in a football game?!

Isaac; the stop inside the five - Riders looking good though [Durrant/Sheets] settle for 2 FG 19-10 Riders at the half.

The Riders just look really good again this week. The middle 6 games they had did a lot of shuffling of players it appears that everthing is set now for those final 6 games. They are playing very fast like Chamblain talked about in training camp.

This game is a joke. I'm watching a little behind and I'm at the end of the first and can't believe they spotted he ball at least a half a yard ahead of where he was stopped. Another game ruined by incompetent officiating. :roll:

Conspiracy theory that the David Braley 2-owned teams in the CFL will make sure the Argos are in the 100th in Toronto. Ok there. The Argos suck although this is a home game for the Riders in the town of Taranna. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: In the Skydump of all stadiums, Skydump.... Skydump crap stadium piece of sh....t. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Little Regina beats the sh..t out of mighty Taranna. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I know Taranna, you are waiting for the Phil Lind Bills to relocate to the "Centre of the Universe" :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Love the true Argo fans though. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Not tonight for Toronto; Distant Double Blue are in deep smoke..Sheets/Durrant/Dressler - 36-10 Sask.

Argos just plain suck. Mind you Riders in Grey Cup means more fans in downtown Toronto for the 100th than if the Argos are there, as sad as that is the total truth. :stuck_out_tongue: Toronto, biggest city in Canada, without a soul. Plain truth.

No conspiracy theories from me. The officiating in this game is pathetic and with the Argo taking dumb penalties (offside early in the first at the goal line that led to a touchdown) they were out of this game after the 1st. Argos will lose because of their poor play not the incompetent officiating, but that doesn't excuse the poor job being done on the field and in the video review booth.

I can enjoy the game whether my team wins or loses, but when the officiating is this out to lunch it's frustrating to watch and completely unentertaining regardless of who wins. I shut it off after the first, it was just unwatchable.

Argos suck, Riders are just plain better sorry but that IS the truth. Unwatatchable because the Argos suck.

Based on the first quarter the Argos suck, agreed. The game is unwatchable because the officials can’t make the simplest of calls.

Right, haven't heard that one before, we lost because of the officials. Ok, the joke NFL replacement officials, that's a different story I'll agree. Some of those games should be replayed actually.

The Riders just are playing really well in all phases of the game again this week