Riders vs Toronto, Oct 10th

Anyone else feel as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs? With the weather being inclement, I'm thinking the game is a toss-up!

Sportsbooks have Saskatchewan favored by 10+ points. So Saskatchewan should win, but game might be closer. Strong wind tends to interfere with passing and kicking. Toronto has the worst offense and these teams have 2 of 3 top defenses in yards allowed. Although Saskatchewan is usually involved in high scoring games, this time may be different with possible total under 50 points?

Is the game sold out?? Has the blackout been lifted??? Anyone know???

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I never even thought that it might not sell out!! I just expected to go home and watch it. someone tell me the BLACKOUT is lifted!

On Riderville.com, it says fans unableto get out to the stadium can catch all the action on TSN.I hope that means it's lifted.

Someone was on a talk show earlier this week, and said TSN HD doesn't blackout because there's only one feed. Is that true? Anyone have TSN HD?