Riders vs Ticats

I think everyone agrees our defense did not finish the game like they played through the first 3 quarters, but the offense in the final quarter was more frustrating for me. What's with the long pass attempts when it was more important to secure 1st downs and run the clock? Why did we forget the running game when it has finally been succesful this year? In our 2nd last possession, we're hoping to get a field goal to win the game, it's 2nd and 2 and a pass play is called that's incomplete. That had to have been a brain fart. During the game, we successfully ran for at least a yard when we needed it. Why not get a yard plus on 2nd down and the balance on 3rd down? Speaking of brain fart's, why doesn't Durant realize that the worst thing to do with a good lead in the 4th quarter is to turn the ball over? If he's going to throw an interception or fumble the ball then he should be handing the ball off. It's much better to have a short gain and punt than hand over the ball.

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