Riders vs TiCats week 4

Looking ahead - after DD's tweet, I'd guess he's got a high ankle sprain, but that's a guess. My guess is he doesn't start. If he starts, he plays differently. If Willy starts, we all play differently. Not sure how high powered our offence will be in any case. I think we should Free Willy for Hamilton. With Austin coming back, Burris in the house, Fantuz might play and Geroy SHOULD play, it's going to be nuts! This promises to be the game of the week.

Now, consider that last year we started 3-0 and that went south faster than a bride's nightgown, there are behaviours and traits I see this year that were sorely needed on this team the last couple of years.

  1. They make half time adjustments that work. Every team says they do this but it's obvious this team comes out and plays differently in the 2nd half. Kudos to the coaches on this.
  2. The Riders don't take their foot off the gas. Once they have their foot on the opponent's throat, they don't let them up. A big change from last year.
  3. When the opponent makes a mistake, the Riders make them pay! A sign of a very good team.

We need to keep this going! I'm excited but very cautious at the same time. It's a long season and with this team, the grim reaper is always around the corner.

I keep hearing about how the Riders went 3-0 last year but it really has nothing to do with this year. Last year we had a massive roster change and a complete house cleaning of coaching. This year the team is largely intact with some huge all star additions with probably the best OC in the league. Last year was last year. I expect the Roughies to win if to do nothing but stop the annoying "ya but they went 3-0 last year" bs.

the 3-0 comparison is very valid. Some people talk like this team is unstoppable because they have won 3 out of the gate, but the truth is, they started out very much the same last year...DD being precise, not making mistakes, the D getting pressure, not turnovers, etc. It is more getting some people's feet planted back on earth, because in football things can turn on a dime, and Rider fans should know this as good as any fan base.

Now all of that said, everyone I have chatted with says the same thing.......this team just has a different vibe to it. They get better as the game progresses. They seem more poised and confident.......and I totally agree. We will see what happens when they commit their 1st turnover, and in the first game where it is tight in the 4th and if the D plays too loose of a prevent (a huge issue last season, with the same DC).

If Durant is not at least 90% then this is the perfect situation to start a seemingly competent back up.

The back up has had a season under his belt and played well when called upon so far.
He has the new OC's playbook fresh in his head from training camp.
He saw some action not long ago in preseason and played about a quarter last week.
The team is on a long break so he has time to work with the OC.
We have a good running game and OL to rely on.
We have experienced receivers to rely on.
The defence is playing very well.
We are 3-0.
It is early in the season and it is a game we could "afford" to lose.
It is a home game.
If he falters we can get a look at Sunseri, who has also looked good in preseason.
Hamilton's defence has not looked that good

The big difference from last year is that you do not have that feeling wondering if they are going to "hang on" to that late lead. This year they are finishing games just as aggressive as they started them. They didn't even do that in 2008 when they started 6-0.

I agree, like I said.
However, like I also said, let's see what happens with a smaller lead late.
The big woe of Hall's D has often been playing a prevent D with a 1 score lead late (with minutes remaining, not seconds!!!), and the opposition eating up underneath to come up with a scoring opportunity...and often achieving that. In 2012 this happened at least 3-4 times. Those instances have very little to do with the talent on the field, and is more about play calling...the same play caller is still there. Now, they may have had some strategy meetings and decided to take a different approach in these situations, but the fact is that they have not been put in a situation where that can be properly evaluated.

I have no doubt that the D is improved, and it was rated very highly last season.
It is clear the O is improved, as they are moving the chains fairly consistantly, with substained drives.
The question is, how will they react to a tight game. I like to think that they will react well, but that is a pure assumption at this point in time, and again...is more about the deffensive play calling than anything.

I agree, only use Durant if he is healthy. Luckily the ten day break will be able to allow them plenty of time to assess the injury and Durant's mobility. I bolded the reasons why I think that Willy will do just fine if he has to start.

lets not forget another crucuial factor in determining who starts...it is a game vs the East, not the West.

As long as DD is playing in week 5, I am happy. Week 6 is a bye, then it is a game in Calgary. That will be 13 days between games, so it will be more important he gets action prior to the break. If he misses the Hamilton series all together, then plays in Calgary, that would be a month between games.

Drew Willy will get the start, [back to back starts] that's what I think. Working with Cortez/Durant, I say Drew is improved with another year gone by under his belt. The #3 QB Sunseri; I like his style - has a good understanding of the game...once he gains more knowledge on reading the defense is bonus. Rider defense steps it up a notch too!

Well. We’ll have a different look with Willy. I don’t think it changes our approach to game.

We let the big fellas establish the trench and then make the LB’s chase Sheets around. Control the clock.

Special teams - keep doing what they do. Our starting field position has been great. And hemming teams in behind their own 15 yard line is great. But teams is a little emphasized this week to help out Willy and the offense.

Lyle Leung Jr does not show on Ticats roster anymore. He was part of the McElveen trade (I think?).

Shomari Williams is on the roster but isn’t showing high on tackles or sacks? Looks like he isn’t seeing the field a whole lot?

Fantuz is back and watch out for him. Burris loves having one goto receiver and his guy is back. So this will be interesting to watch. I hope chick continues to regain his groove and I hope he hammers Burris a few times. The DB’s will need help from the front 7 this game as Burris can gun it and can run if nothing is open. If we handle the Fantuz/Burris piece my belief is we’ll be looking real good.

Leong jr. was indeed traded for McElveen,was on our practice roster,recently released.
Williams hasn’t shown much here yet,not starting…rotational
Fantuz still questionable,game time decision.
All that being said…agree 100% Game of the week
Sticking to my preseason prediction…CATS and RIDERS…Grey Cup 2013
See ya all on Sunday!!! :thup: :thup:

Tonight’s game was a snoozer, TO vs Wpg. I was expecting much closer games this year! Two rained games really make the case for roofed stadiums.

Riders win a close game at home.

Wow...no post game posts?
great showing all around...won in all phases of the game!
Again, the MO is start slow, don't make the big mistake, see how they play you, and build from there...getting stronger as the game continues.

Eddie Russ was huge in this game...he showed that he wants to stay. Will be interesting to see what they do with him. I said it before...I think Prince Miller is one of the weaker guys on D (and he is still good, don't get me wrong). A big reason he stuck was as a potential returner, but clearly Sanders has won that spot. Could we see a change there? I was actually rather shocked nobody picked Russ up. I think if he is released now he will be. He fought on every down, and was knee deep in a fumble.

Sheets, again, grinding out big runs late when everyone knew he was getting the brick...4 100 games straight...wow.

A slow start for DD raised some flags, but he ended up having a career night.

Welcome back Rob Bagg!

The only questing is where was Brack all night? He was pretty low key today...which is great.

Dan Clark...wow...did not see that one coming! nice TD bud.

my only question...was that the same official from the preseason game? 2 CLEAR AS DAY pass interferences in his face...nothing. There were a couple horse collar tackles not called...in his face. Then all of the sudden he calls Hamilton for one late...yeah, the Cat grab him from behind and immediately let go and backed off when he realized what he had done...now he gets called? In garbage time? Rather silly to give him that penalty.

What is there to say, what a great effort by every player and coach!! Loved seeing Burris get sacked 5 times, wished it was 10 or better. Bagg's back kudo's to him, Sheets, Weston, Getz all played well!! Once DD got rolling, there was no stopping him!! Again, O-line played great, def. great, special teams great!! I once said Sanders should not be returning, I was wrong!! Watching him close, can he cut and shuffle out there, gained a new great respect for his talents and efforts!!

Next week, Ham will be better prepaired, so don't see this repeating again!! we will win it, but a closer game!!

Still waiting for Chick to get that first sack, it will come!!

All in all great team effort!! :rockin:

Wow! What a game. Our coaching staff has got their s**t together. The best part of the game was seeing that long TD toss to Bagg. That was what I remember of Rob when he was healthy. Welcome back Rob we missed you.

The Riders physically wearing down the opposition. Defense is hitting hard, offensive line is coming off the ball and manhandling the opposing d line. Keep it coming boys...

Team is playing great. What a gut it out effort by DD. he is on a mission this year, which bows well for use. This year we have all our main recievers stepping it up, who do you double cover. Give Simons a few games and the timing will be there.

Flip side, Ticats look horrible.

I didn't think the TiCats were horrible. The first 3 quarters was a tough grind for both teams. The Riders had to earn every yard. Then in the 4th the Cats were a bit beat up and probably demoralized getting scored on by the TE just before losing the wind. They weren't horrible. They certainly weren't awesome, but they came to play and just got beat down.

Winnipeg on LD last year was horrible. Hamilton on opening day last year was pretty horrible.

I'm thinking everyone was so surprized by the Rider beatdown that we were all at a loss for words :slight_smile:.

The wind definitely affected both teams ability to move the ball early on. Riders figured it out- Ti-Cats did not.