Riders Vs. The Peg, QB

Who should start as the Riders QB vs the Bombers at the LDC?

Definitely Barrett. He's well rested, experienced, and has proven in the past (the ancient past) that he can win football games.


If he's healthy, you start Joseph, hands down.

If your the Riders I'd say start whomever you want and then let the other one play for us unless Glenn comes back.

Glenn is coming back for labour day from the reports coming out of the media in winnipeg. Stegall will also apprently be coming back so this bomber team should look more like the one that got off to that surprising start at 5-2.

To answer the question i would say butler because its not worth it to bring back joseph early when he has a better chance of re-aggravating his injury and thus causing him to miss even more time.

Thats funny why should Joseph not start you are worried about him aggrivating his injury and yet Glenn and Stegal are in the same boat! Some Bomber fans are just to funny!

Glenn or not Winnipeg still won't win, he won't help out that much since Glenn really isn't that good.

Glenn and stegall will be close to 95-100% healthy red and white will joseph might be around the 80% level so that makes a big difference

Zero difference my friend an injury is an injury! You should not play unless you are fit to play! :lol:

isn’t 100% fit enough to play??? :expressionless:

Legend in your own mind, you did have 95 per cent on there did you not? The guys have not played for what three to four games now? So you think they will not be a bit rusty! The problem is you are worried about Joseph and yet your two guys are returning from injuries as well do you not find the a bit odd or funny! :lol:

Ha! I see there was another Danny B supporter come through here... I hope this poll is the official decision, I can't wait to see ol' Danny boy start again. It's been a long time.

Heck he is probably better then any QB the Bombers have! :lol:

I did have 95% but i think that being 95% healthy to being 80% is a huge difference because you can just wear a brace to protect it at 95 while at 80 you are still being pretty tender and sore even with a brace.

regarding the rust factor, they will definetly be a little bit rusty but in kevins case if he just hands it off to charlie a couple of times and throw some short 5 yarders to get some momentum he should be fine while with stegall he is a vetearn and he might drop a pass right off the bat but being the competitior he is he should be good to go after that.

I can tell you that leg injuries are difficult because it effects their thinking! You know where they go dam here I go I am going down on this tackle! They should not play until they have a clean bill of health and had lots of reps! It is a must for a QB. Stegal has sore ribs they can tape those puppys up they should be ready for some ppunishment by now! Glenn has to be careful!

Hey, Terrell Owens won't even play at 99.9%.. why would anyone play at 95?

lmao dont even bring terrell owens to this convo because terrell is such a prima donna that it's unbelivabe like come on did you see that stunt he pulled while riding the bike at practice where he wore one of those outfits that the discovery team wears!!

i think its a must that they play in this crucial back to back because if we can sweep both we pretty much kill any idea of a cross over and the only way this is going to happen is if glenn and stegall play

My thoughts would be at best a split but I would like to see the bombers win both myself! But realistic a split at best.

Do you think the riders can sweep it?

Read my thread above for my answer! I think the home team will win! :lol: