Riders VS> Stumps

Who wins?
I say riders in a very close one

Riders :thup: 35
Stumps :thdn: 31

Stamps... 35
Riders... 22

It’s sad to say but unless we can turn around our performance in all 3 phases of the game the Stamps will eat us for breakfast. It looks like they are just hitting their stride and we are hitting our slide.
Riders 17
Stamps 43

We've been putting up 30 points / game lately. The stamps have been putting up 40.

Riders 32, Stamps 43. Unless the defence decides to step it up and play like a Richie Hall defence again. I don't see the offence turning in an above-average performance.

Anybody else here going to the game?

I have to go with Dusty on this one. However He didn't seem to take into account the new offensive rinkle Millar is putting in for this weeks game. Riders 3rd and 1/2 at their own 25, Borham takes the snap, runs back the 25 yards to the endzone and concedes the safety. Therefor Calgary 45 Sask 17.

Durant will start off strong, but like the last few games he'll cool way off and start throwing bad passes, hitting the dirt many times and throwing the ball way over the guys heads. he'll look frustrated and warped.

Miller will say "we have to let him fight his way out of this" but he won't.

Our defence will be beat early.. and they'll get a decent lead up on us within the first 2 qtrs..

38-12 Calgary

Look at the history. We'll come in much better prepared, and we'll outperform them on both sides of the ball in the first half, taking a lead into halftime.

I expect the Riders to have a 21-13 lead at halftime, with Burris putting up 30 points in the 2nd half.

Tuesday practice:

Geno is back with the 1st team but still bothered by his knee. Best and Parentau were splitting reps at the other guard spot and O'Meara was absent.

Mullinder was taking most of the reps at DE to replace Chick, with Sykes and Shologan rotating in.

Lucus was absent, and Stewart filled in for him.

I foresee
improvement on the O-line.
Charles / Cates combo.
More Clermont.
Most importantly....A LaPolice game plan suited for DD.

Riders: 28
Stamps: 24

17 - 10 Calgary at the half! A daytime high of 21 degrees and a 7:pm kick-off should help the defense! They will still have some gas in the tank for the second half. Expect the Riders to insert a number of pkays aimed at increasing time of possession which further aids the defense. As we are about to turn our sets off at the beginning of the fourth quarter the Green Machine will rally sparked by a defensive take away. 31 - 27 Riders well be the final!

Most certainly.

Riders 29
Stumps 24

I think many people (without green glasses) will predict a huge Calgary blowout, I think we will end up losing, but it will be a tight game.

Calgary 31
Sask 28

you truly have too much faith in Lapolice..

if he hasn't made the changes in the first 4 games, what makes you think he'll do anything different for game #5?

afterall this is LaPolice, not the O-Coord for Calgary.

I have no faith in our offense UNTIL Miller is willing to "give the hook" on an ineffective QB and sit him down!

If we are within 10 we will be fortunate!!

if they continue with the offensive play calling they are doing right now this game will not even be close expect the defence to be on the field all game and Burris puts 40 point or more on the board Riders be lucky to get 2 touchdowns :frowning:

[url=http://rodpedersen.blogspot.com/2009/07/bombers-cut-two.html]http://rodpedersen.blogspot.com/2009/07 ... t-two.html[/url]
REGINA, SK - The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced that they have released the following players:

Non-import OL Matt O’Meara
Non-import K/P Perri Scarcelli

Geno's back. Sorry Matt, we don't need you anymore.

Wednesday practice:

Fantuz was not at practice, resting his hamstring. Getzlaf / Clermont were taking his reps.
( Walker, Dressler, Clermont, Getzlaf, Bagg )
Lucas was back after missing yesturday.
Chris McKenzie was not participating in practice.
Francis was getting more 1st team reps than usual.
Gerran Walker is the next kick-return attempt. Walker/Foord/Quinn on kickoffs, Walker/Heard on punts.

[url=http://blog.canoe.ca/therouge/2009/07/29/rambo_done_for_year]http://blog.canoe.ca/therouge/2009/07/2 ... e_for_year[/url]
The 2008 CFL leading receiver is done for 2009 after four games. Ken-Yon Rambo will have two surgeries to repair a torn ACL and will hopefully return for 2010 training camp.

N1 zbest.

Foord on KR . I think he'll excel.

Heard on PR. Lots of potential there too.

Any word on the extent of Armours injury/

Nice job zbest but who is Francis?

Never mind! I forgot about # 35 being added to the PR.